Moscow ranked first in car share growth

Moscow ranked first in car share growth
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Car share operators will be able to apply for city subsidies.

The support measures provided for taxi operators will now include car share operators as well, Sergei Sobyanin posted on his Vkontakte page.


This means that when a new vehicle is leased or financed, the operators who meet the requirements will be eligible for a city subsidy. Currently, subsidies are offered to partially reimburse legal taxi operators’ expenses when leasing cars.

Starting in 2015, the city began assisting carriers that were buying cars on credit (financing) and startup companies that had been operating for less than two years.

City subsidies for taxis purchases totalled:

  • 2012 – 908,000 roubles (250 cars);
  • 2013 – 5.2 mln roubles (822 cars);
  • 2014 – 27.8 mln roubles (1,659 cars);
  • 2015 – 94.9 mln roubles (3,964 cars);
  • 2016 – 157.8 mln roubles (6,370 cars).

Since 2011, taxi companies and individual entrepreneurs have invested over 20 bln roubles, using their own capital and financing, to upgrade their vehicle fleet. From this year on, car share operators will be able to apply for subsidies. The requirements for car share cars will be stricter than for taxis. The vehicles have to be no older than three years and meet at least Euro-4 emissions standards. They also are to be manufactured (assembled) in Russia.

Subsidy eligibility criteria

Vehicle category


Car sharing


No more than 1.5 mln roubles

No more than 1.5 mln roubles

Emissions standards

No lower than Euro-3

No-lower than Euro-4


No older than five years

No older than three years


In Russia


Per Moscow Government regulations

Per Moscow Government regulations


Certified in Russia + GLONASS/GPS, etc.

Certified in Russia + GLONASS/GPS, etc.


The resolution has also changed the criteria for evaluating the applications for subsidies. The goal is to provide equal competitive conditions for all subsidy applicants. 

The Moscow Car Sharing project was launched with Moscow Government support in 2015. By now it involves five companies –YouDrive, Delimobil, Anytime, Car5 and BelkaCar. Their combined fleet totals 2,650 cars. Moscow is ranked first in the world in growth dynamics for car sharing fleets. In all, operator companies have invested about 1.7 bln roubles in the development of car sharing in Moscow. An average of eight trips a day is made in Moscow in each car share vehicle.

Over 600,000 people have registered in a car sharing system. Over 60 percent of the users have their own car and over 30 percent are ready to give up their private cars. By expert evaluation, the Moscow car sharing market capacity will grow to 10,000 – 15,000 vehicles.

Development of car sharing service in Moscow





Car fleet




Number of active users

15 000

150 000

350 000

Number of trips

35 000

1 600 000

2 400 000