Pedestrian zone around Zaryadye Park is half complete

Pedestrian zone around Zaryadye Park is half complete
The city has finished digging the cable ditches on surrounding streets and started paving the sidewalks. The renovation of the park’s main entrance includes widening Vasilyevsky Spusk by two metres.

Improvement of the streets around Zaryadye Park is more than halfway completed. Seven sections are currently being improved. The ditches for underground utility lines have already been dug on Kitaigorodsky Proyezd, Moskvoretskaya Street, the Moskvoretskaya Embankment, Varvarka Street, and Rybny and Bogoyavlensky pereuloks. The current overhead wires will be relocated underground. The workers have installed new curbstones and have started paving the sidewalks.

The city has already started improving the main entrance to Zaryadye Park at the intersection of Moskvoretskaya and Varvarka streets. There will be a square with birch trees and benches. Vasilyevsky Spusk will also be widened by two metres and paved with the same block stones that were used for Red Square.

Construction workers have already dug cable ditches at Birzhevaya Square, where archeologists are currently monitoring the work.

The newly renovated Rybny and Bogoyavlensky pereuloks and Birzhevaya Square will be united into a single pedestrian area that will connect Zaryadye and the Kremlin. Two lanes of the two pereuloks will remain open for special-purpose vehicles, vehicles delivering food and goods to local cafés and shops, local resident and employee vehicles, and the vehicles of those with disabilities and their escorts.

Birzhevaya Square, one of the city’s few small cozy squares, will become a pedestrian zone open only for special-purpose vehicles. The renovated square will have a fountain and benches where people will be able to rest in the shade of trees. Birzhevaya Square will become a new landmark in the Kitai-Gorod historical district.

In August the carriageway near the park will be repaved with a new layer of asphalt.

Improvement of the area around Zaryadye Park will be completed by City Day. The city plans to start planting birch trees and other trees and shrubs in late autumn – the time when trees go dormant and can better adapt to a new location.