Standard comfort class: what will the relocation programme flats look like

Standard comfort class: what will the relocation programme flats look like
About a million Moscow residents will receive new flats under the Housing Relocation Programme. The new places will be comfortably decorated, and there will be sports and playgrounds in the neighbourhood as well as parks with benches plus streetlights.

Moscow has approved the requirements for completing the flats and decorating them as well as landscaping the surroundings under the Housing Relocation Programme. New comfortable buildings will be built instead of rundown five-storey ones, and new districts will be developed with the most up-to-date standards.

The new flats can be seen in a show-room at VDNKh: one floor of the new building is on display there.

Larger areas, more comfortable flats

The areas of the new flats will be spacious with even larger kitchens, halls, corridors, bathrooms and WCs than before.

Cold- and soundproof entrance doors will be made out of metal and interior doors – out of wood, with metal fittings. Windows will have triple-glazing with mosquito nets.

The walls will be covered with non-woven fabric instead of wallpaper. The ceilings will be covered with latex acrylic paint, and the floors – with soundproof-based laminated flooring. Workers will hang chandeliers instead of leaving the usual bare overhead lamp sockets; light switches will be scratch free and cables will be tucked behind skirting boards.

Kitchens will be covered with light-coloured wallpaper for further coating. Tiles will be installed not only above the sink but along the entire working area. The sink will be stainless steel and there will be a cabinet under it. The new flats will have electric stoves.

The bathroom and the WC will be separate with tile-covered floors and walls and water-proof lighting.

Parks, benches and swings: what will the renovated neighbourhoods look like

The neighbourhood around the buildings will be developed according to the new standards. Instead of chaotic and sometimes dangerous areas they will become comfortable living spaces, with parks, cycling lanes and underground parking. The walking areas will also have streetlights, benches and rubbish bins; there will be flowerbeds, trees and bushes too. The new neighbourhoods will have zones for both peaceful and active recreation.

Children’s playgrounds will be safe and rubber-covered, there will be play complexes with swings, sandpits, slides and a labyrinth, and the sportsgrounds will have gymnastic facilities and fitness equipment. There will also be special zones for dog walking.

What’s going to change

The Housing Relocation Programme will improve living conditions for over a million residents. It will not allow the dilapidated building problem to spread and will improve the city’s architectural appeal. The new neighbourhoods will be the beginning of the city’s polycentric organisation which will decrease the transportation workload. The outdated five-storey buildings will be transformed into high-quality city environments for comfortable living, recreation and work.

The law envisages relocation to an equally sized flat in the same district. The exceptions are Zelenograd and the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas whose residents will receive a flat in their administrative area. If the residents are not happy with the new flat, they can get another or get financial compensation.