Largest Luzhniki half marathon devoted to Olympic complex's history

Largest Luzhniki half marathon devoted to Olympic complex's history
Runners, handcyclists and wheelchair users will run a course along the Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlyovskaya, Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments.

The new Luzhniki Half Marathon will take place in Moscow on 13 August for the first time. A 2,197.5-metre course might  become the most popular yet: organisers are expecting 10,000 participants to gather at the starting point.

The Luzhniki Half Marathon, which is devoted to the history of the legendary Olympic complex, has inherited the course and the date from the Music Half Marathon which has been taking place in Moscow since 2014 with 3,226 runners finishing in the first year and 6,027 in 2016.

Along the best sights

Those taking part in the re-named marathon will run along the famous city-centre route: they will enjoy the views of the Russian Defence Ministry building, Gorky Park, the Andreyevsky and the Krymsky Bridges, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the high-rise at Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, St Basil’s Cathedral, and the Kremlin.

The Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlyovskaya, Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments will be closed off for traffic between 8 am – 2.30 pm on the day of the marathon. It will start at 10 am.

Who will be at the starting line

Online registration for the event is already closed, but those who wish to participate still can: they just need to come to Luzhniki on Friday, 11 August, between 1 pm – 9 pm, or on Saturday, 12 August, between 11 am – 7 pm. They can receive their start packets there and register for the event.

Every person aged 18 and above is allowed to participate. They need only to show their ID and a health certificate when they register . Also, a registration fee is required.

Handcyclists – athletes with disabilities on special hand-powered bicycles – will participate in the Luzhniki Marathon along with runners. Also, wheelchair users are participating for the first time. The race for the handcyclists and wheelchair-users will start 10 minutes before the main course and will take the same route.

Before and after the finishing line

Everyone who managed to run the marathon will receive a medal, whatever time they clock. The medal’s design is a secret: runners will see it only after crossing the finishing line.

As is a tradition, sportsmen and sportswomen will be met by hundreds of fans at the finishing line. This year, they can follow the marathon real-time via their mobile phones. With this innovation, nobody will lose their friends or family during the race or at the finishing line. For those who won’t make it there will be a live online broadcast on the marathon web site and in social networks.

Just before the race, between 11-12 August, the Luzhniki Olympic Complex will have a city celebration with a food court and an open-air cinema for the runners and the fans. On Saturday night they will be able to see the film Race about the legendary African American athlete Jesse Owens.