31st techno-park appears in Moscow

31st techno-park appears in Moscow
Binnopharm’s industrial sites in Zelenograd have become a designated industrial complex.

The Moscow Government Interdepartmental Commission has decided to establish new innovative and industrial infrastructure sites. A building complex in the north became Vodny Stadion (Water Sports Stadium) Technological Park, and pharmaceutical company Binnopharm’s industrial sites are now officially a designated industrial complex. This designation comes with tax and other benefits including reduced profit tax, reduced land lease rates and other benefits.

Supporting high-tech companies and creating a favourable climate for innovative economic development is important for Moscow, said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Land and Property Relations in the Moscow Government.

“Creating conditions for developing contemporary and promising industries is one of our main priorities, because they have high growth potential and introduce new innovation and technology,” she said.

A number of advanced businesses are part of the Vodny Stadion Technology Park on Leningradskoye Motorway. Tele2 headquarters is located there, and one of the largest private cybersecurity companies – Kaspersky Lab – covers a 34,000 square metre area.

The Vodny Stadion Technology Park will continue to specialise in ICT and software production.

Binnopharm is one of the largest Russian full-cycle pharmaceutical companies with its own research department and industrial site. The company, with more than 330 employees, and the industrial complex in general are situated in Zelenograd and cover 32,000 square metres. In 2016, production reached 5.3 million drug packages  per year, with 305 million roubles invested.

Binnopharm is planning to invest the capital saved from its new status to upgrade its capacities and raise product quality. The owners of the Vodny Stadion Technological Park are planning to use the freed-up capital to renew the lighting system, the HVAC system, fire extinguishing video monitoring, and to renovate access roads.

There are 30 technology parks in Moscow at this point. Each of them has its own profile, from ICT to nanotechnologies.

Vodny Stadion Technology Park will become the 31st innovative and industrial park in Moscow, and Binnopharm – 31st industrial complex.