78 years of VDNKh history displayed using photos at exhibition in GUM

78 years of VDNKh history displayed using photos at exhibition in GUM
Most of the photos will be seen by the  public for the first time.

Exclusive photos will be shown at this unique photo exhibition, VDNKh. Architecture. Events. People. The exhibition will take place from 10 to 31 August along the first aisle inside the State Department Store GUM.

The exhibition features over 100 rare photographs from the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, TASS News Agency and VDNKh (National Exhibition of Economic Achievements) archives and from the archives of contemporary photographers. Most of the photos have never been viewed before and so the public will be seeing them for the first time.

The photographs show those for whom VDNKh was created and continues to work – the people; various events – celebrations, festivals and memorable dates, and the unique architecture of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Photographers also took pictures of famous VDNKh visitors, such as the first man in space Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, female cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova and many others.

Most of the photographs were captured during memorable events and celebrations that took place at VDNKh in different years. Visitors will be able to see both black-and-white and colour photographs of the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students which took place in 1957, a parade of participants of the brass music festival at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements in 1985 and a festival of the Russian daily Moskovskaya Pravda held at VDNKh as part of the City Day celebrations in 1990. The exhibition will also feature photographs that were taken recently, for instance, at the Inspiration Arts Festival and at the famous fountains season opening in 2016. Visitors will see the photographs from 2017 that show the process of restoration of VDNKh landmarks, such as the arch at the main entrance and the Tsentralny (Central), Ukraina (Ukraine) and Kosmos (Space) pavilions.

The GUM exhibition also features the magnificent architecture of VDNKh that inspired photographers to capture in time the carved lace of the Kultura (Culture) Pavilion, the snow-white pillars of the Tsentralny Pavilion, the simple silhouette of the Radio Electronics and Communications Pavilion and the ethereal dome of the Kosmos Pavilion.

The exhibition is divided into groups of five periods of time: 1930-1940s, 1950-1960s, 1970-1980s, 1990-2000s and from 2014 to 2017. It mostly features works of classical Soviet and Russian photographers, such as Yuri Palmin, Dmitry Chistoprudov, Alexander Skvortsov, Kirill Smirnov and Vivian Del Rio.

The most recent photos were taken by young winning photographers of the Takeoff. VDNKh Reconstruction project, such as Aleksandra Kramarova, Anastasia Berezhinskaya, Igor Tereshkov and Roman Sazonov.

The exhibition will also feature video footage of VDNKh. On a specially installed screen visitors will be able to see video footage taken from the archives and video material on the future development of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Free admission.