Moscow, St Petersburg issue 20,000 joint Troika-Podorozhnik cards

Moscow, St Petersburg issue 20,000 joint Troika-Podorozhnik cards
Thirteen Moscow Metro stations have started selling these integrated cards.

Over 20,000 Troika-Podorozhnik cards are available at metro station ticket offices in Moscow and St Petersburg. Of this number, 11,000 cards can be purchased in the Moscow Metro. Until now, these cards were only sold at Komsomolskaya station, but are now available at 12 more stations:

  • Kurskaya
  • Paveletskaya
  • Belarusskaya
  • Kievskaya
  • Tushinskaya
  • Skhodnenskaya
  • Rechnoi Vokzal
  • Planernaya
  • Domodedovskaya
  • Krasnogvardeiskaya
  • Yugo-Zapadnaya
  • Salaryevo

“We decided to offer them at metro stations near railway and bus stations and also along airport links,” Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the City Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov said.

On 2 June 2017, ticket offices received the first integrated Moscow-St Petersburg cards. At first, they were only sold at Moscow’s Komsomolskaya metro station and at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station in St Petersburg. They soon became popular with passengers shuttling between the two cities; about 1,300 integrated cards have been sold to date.


The cards have two online wallets for using the public transit systems in Moscow and St Petersburg. Passengers replenishing or activating their cards in Moscow or St Petersburg can transfer money to either the Troika or Podorozhnik accounts. Both cards can also store online tickets for Central Suburban Passenger Company (CSPC) commuter trains and the Moscow-Tver Suburban Passenger Company (MTSPC). Starting this fall, these integrated cards will also store unified tickets, valid throughout Moscow.

The Troika card was also integrated with the Moscow Region’s Strelka card. That programme was launched in August 2016, and over 120,000 Strelka cards have been issued to date.