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Ambulance, police and Emergencies Ministry: Who to call in case of emergency

Ambulance, police and Emergencies Ministry: Who to call in case of emergency
A fire, accident or serious health problem could happen to any of us. Read this article to find out who to call in the event of an emergency.

If you don’t know who to call in case of an emergency, dial the single emergency number 112. Your call will go through even if you don`t have a SIM card in your phone or your number is blocked. All emergency-line calls are toll free.

All operators are fluent in both Russian and English. The first thing you’ll need to do is calm down and explain where you are and what kind of assistance you need. Then the operator will contact the necessary service.

In case of fire

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, dial the Fire and Emergency Service number – 101. It’s the first thing you should do in case of a fire, car accident or act of terrorism. Emergency response groups will also come to the rescue in case of a natural or technological disaster.

Police assistance

If you need police assistance in case of danger, robbery or physical assault, dial 102. To avoid such incidents, remember to always put safety first and avoid empty streets at late hours. You also should keep an eye on your personal belongings and not give in to the provocations of aggressive people. Leave it to the police to resolve the conflict.


To call the Moscow emergency medical care line, dial 103. You should call an ambulance if your health condition is life threatening or if your health has deteriorated sharply.

Call the emergency line in case of acute poisoning, trauma, a possible fracture, concussion or any other serious injury. You should also call this number in the event of a sudden exacerbation of chronic illnesses, heart attack or possible stroke.

Once you get through, explain to the operator what happened. Try to be as informative as possible: state your telephone number, your location or the location of the person injured (if the accident happened in the street, give exact points of reference), the full name of the person injured, and his or her age (if known). Once the information is verified, the operator will notify the ambulance crew.

Gas odour – a cause for concern

One more telephone number to remember is 104, the number of the Moscow Emergency Gas Service. You should call this line in case of a gas odour in a building or outside, or in the event of gas pipeline or gas equipment accidents. An operator will take your details, send the experts your way and give you further instructions. Before the experts arrive, you should turn off all gas appliances and taps, put out all fire sources, open a window and leave the contaminated area.

A list of emergency numbers is available at Keep in mind that most of the operators speak Russian only.