Public charging points installed at 30 MCC stations

Public charging points installed at 30 MCC stations
Each of the 40 public charging points can charge 16 Smartphones and eight laptops.

Custom-made public charging points have been installed in the entrance halls of 30 Moscow Central Circle (MCC) stations.

“Each charging point has 16 USB ports and eight 220-volt sockets. Passengers can sit on nearby benches until their devices have been recharged,” said Moscow Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov. “The Moscow Metro continues to develop convenient passenger services, and public charging points are in great demand,” he added.

In all, metro and MCC stations have 40 charging points with USB ports and electric outlets. There are also two disabled access sockets and four USB ports.

They are designed in keeping with Moscow Metro and Moscow City Transit Authority (Mosgortrans) regulations.

The following stations offer public charging points:

  1. Koptevo (two charging points)
  2. Baltiiskaya (one charging point)
  3. Streshnevo (one charging point)
  4. Panfilovskaya (one charging point)
  5. Zorge (one charging point)
  6. Khoroshovo (one charging point)
  7. Shelepikha (one charging point)
  8. Delovoi Tsentr (one charging point)
  9. Kutuzovskaya (two charging points)
  10. Luzhniki (one charging point)
  11. Ploshchad Gagarina (two charging points)
  12. Krymskaya (two charging points)
  13. Verkhniye Kotly (two charging points)
  14. ZIL (one charging point)
  15. Avtozavodskaya (one charging point)
  16. Dubrovka (one charging point)
  17. Ugreshskaya (one charging point)
  18. Novokhokhlovskaya (two charging points)
  19. Andronovka (one charging point)
  20. Shosse Enthuziastov (two charging points)
  21. Sokolinaya Gora (one charging point)
  22. Izmailovo (two charging points)
  23. Lokomotiv (one charging point)
  24. Bulvar Rokossovskogo (one charging point)
  25. Belokamennaya (two charging points)
  26. Rostokino (one charging point)
  27. Botanichesky Sad (two charging points)
  28. Vladykino (one charging point)
  29. Okruzhnaya (one charging point)
  30. Likhobory (one charging point).