Centuries-old park to be restored in Moscow

Centuries-old park to be restored in Moscow
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The classical style and state-of-the-art equipment will merge in the Grachyovka Manor’s park scheduled for renovation.

A classical 19th-century park will be recreated based on the former Grachyovka Manor in Khovrino, northern Moscow, and its 10.5-hectare park. The beautification effort has got  under way, with workers reconstructing  wooden summerhouses like those found in old photographs and other classical things  like benches, lighting fixtures, rotundas and pergolas. The facility will open for public use in September.

The area will be divided into two: an active recreation zone with a playground, a sports ground and bike lanes (adjacent to Klinskaya Street) and an area for relaxing close to the pond with footpaths, benches and also summerhouses. 

Recreating lost classics

The park pertains to a manor existing since the 15th century. Grachyov’s house was built in the 19th century in the eclectic style. Housing a hospital, it is off-limits to the public, but everyone can admire the architecture while strolling through the park.

After renovation, the manor house as well as the park will form a single architectural ensemble. A footpath will lead from the balustrade of the house towards an alley full of oaks.  It will arrive at a vista point with three 150-year-old larches around it, from where there will be a view open onto the entire park and the oaktrees.

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The Grachyovs’ wooden summerhouse that existed in the 19th century will be recreated in the birch grove and a mushroom-shaped summerhouse will overlook the pond. The whole inventory will include another four wooden summerhouses, three rotundas, nine pergolas and a number of trim bridges over ditches.

Gray paving stones  will be used to cover  the main footpaths, something that will create a neutral background for the extant historical facilities.

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Active recreation and peace of mind for walkers

A large playground for the little ones, under-fives and primary school children will replace the old grounds. Made of environmentally friendly material, the equipment will be safely spaced. It will have rubber safety surfaces to avoid injuries. There will be benches for parents along the perimeter. An additional site with a dogwood labyrinth will be created nearby.

The park will acquire a full-scale sports ground for the first time, with artificial-turf basketball, volleyball and mini-football courts as well as open-air workout machines. A recreation zone for mass-scale events will adjoin the pond from the other side.

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A two-metre-high iron fence will separate a dog run from the rest of the park. The run will be filled with sand and gravel, training equipment, benches for dog owners and dog waste bins.

The area surrounding the monument to the defenders of Moscow will be covered with paving stones and there’ll be benches too. A flowerbed will be made around the monument.

There will be a focus on streamlining transit through the park. Local residents are using it as a shortcut to a bus stop on Zelenogradskaya Street and Khovrino station on Oktyabrskaya Railway’s Leningrad Line. So there are plans to make convenient footpaths and lighting for residents to feel safe at any time of the day. Arrangements will also be made to organise the terrain for people with disabilities. For example, a ramp with handrails will be installed near the steps at the entrance.

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Planting greenery

There are  plans to plant 240 trees and 1,054 shrubs in addition to the existing greenery, including lime trees, oaks, maples, lilac, mock orange, meadowsweet, barberry, nine-bark, honeysuckle, dogwood, arrow-wood, and Niedzwetzki apple-trees.

The park will have a lawn measuring a total of 70,000 square metres and flower-beds with perennials.