Some 70 tonnes of water needed for year-round glacier in Zaryadye Park

Some 70 tonnes of water needed for year-round glacier in Zaryadye Park
Draft engineering solution
Work on an ice cave in central Moscow will begin in August.

The creation of a year-round artificial glacier at Zaryadye Park will begin in late August. It will take some 70 tonnes of water and five to seven days to complete.

“Special filters will be used to clean and soften city water. The overall volume of the ice cover in the cave will be about 60 cubic metres,” said Sergei Kuznetsov, chief architect of Moscow and head of the park’s design group.

The Ice Cave Pavilion is located in the park’s northern section. The construction is underway, to be followed by the installation of water cooling systems under the glacier. Several hundred metres of refrigerating pipes will pump special reagent and cold air to ensure the uniform freezing of the glacier surface. Temperature in the cave will be minus 2 degrees Celsius. The creation of the glacier will be launched after the structure cools off.

Alexander Ponomarev, the project’s designer and the Antarctic Biennale’s ideologist and commissioner, said that the icing process would proceed in stages. Water will be sprayed on the cooling surfaces with tunnels, arches, columns and pipes, waiting until the first layer freezes before resuming. Ultimately, the entire surface of the glacier and its various elements will be covered with ice and rime.

“The temperature in the cave will be minus 2 degrees Celsius during the day and minus 5 at night. Professionals agree that this temperature scenario is optimal for a non-melting ice structure. The cave surface will be of a natural white colour,” Alexander Ponomarev said.

The ice will be illuminated from the inside by built-in LEDs. During educational tours, guides will tell visitors about research expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. Documentaries about the nature of ice will be shown on a media screen mounted near the cave.

Zaryadye Park will open this year. At this point, the landscaping and the construction of a hovering bridge over the river, a virtual Flight over Russia entertainment ride, a media centre with a circular panorama hall and a philharmonic hall are underway.