Zaryadye Park’s new amusement, Flight over Russia, gets assembled

Zaryadye Park’s new amusement, Flight over Russia, gets assembled
Design concept
People will be able to fly over the capital, admire Extreme North and Siberian landscapes, complete with special effects allowing them to see lightning and get a little wet too

The city has started installing an amusement with special effects in Zaryadye Park named Flight over Russia.This will become one of the most important park facilities, Moscow’s Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov said.

Spectators hanging onto special consoles in front of a 12-metre screen will watch a video film, with special effects allowing them to experience gusts of wind, see lightning, feel the warmth of geysers and also witness volcanic eruptions. So far, there are plans to show two films: Flight over Russia and Flying over Moscow.

The seven-minute-long Flight over Russia video will become a popular pastime and one of the city’s main attractions. People will be able to see all diverse Russian natural landscapes and highly important cultural landmarks. The video will be projected onto a spherical screen and be accompanied by special effects. A vibrant platform will accommodate 39 seats, allowing spectators to experience the joys of free flight.

Disneyland in California, the United States, was among the first to feature such films, Mr. Kuznetsov explained. Thematic parks in various US states, Canada, major Chinese cities and Abu Dhabi now offer similar attractions.

“Amazing 3D quality, impressive dynamics and powerful sound effects will make it possible to look at Russia’s key natural and cultural landmarks from another angle. The installation will act as an interactive educational programme,” Mr. Kuznetsov noted.

The Zaryadye Nature/Landscape Park, now replacing the demolished Rossiya Hotel near Red Square, will become the first large park the city has had over the past 50 years.

Zaryadye Park will feature the most typical Russian nature zones, including a forest, a steppe, a flood-plain and a northern landscape. All these terrace-shaped sections will slope gently down towards the Moskva River.

The park will link the city’s pedestrian and tourist routes between Varvarka Street, Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge and Vorobyovy Gory (Hills).

The park will be open free of charge all around the clock.  However, tickets will have to be purchased for exhibitions and also concerts.

The park will have a suspension bridge, the Ice Cave thematic centre with a permanently cold climate, the Philharmonic building with a glass dome/greenhouse and a rooftop garden, and the Zapovednoye Posolstvo (Secret Embassy) popular science centre. In the latter experts will acquaint visitors with the basics of botanical science and microbiology and the secrets of bio-engineering. People coming there will also learn how to grow various plants.

The park is to open in the autumn, in the run-up to celebrations marking  the city’s 870th anniversary.