Museum City is being created at VDNKh

Museum City is being created at VDNKh
Museum City will comprise over a dozen museums, most of which will open in 2018.

Large museums with interesting exhibits will open at VDNKh pavilions.

“The Museum City we are creating at VDNKh will become a centre of attraction for Moscow residents and tourists. In 2018, a dozen museums will open within walking distance of each other,” said VDNKh Director General Yekaterina Pronicheva.

Pronicheva said the Museum City project was based on European experience, such as Museum Island in Berlin, which includes five museums and is extremely popular with local residents and visitors.

The key feature of Moscow’s Museum City will be the VDNKh Museum, which will open in one of the main entrance wings in 2018 to exhibit the finds that were recovered during the pavilions’ renovation. These include a huge 150-kg rhinestone found in the Geology Pavilion, bauxite from the Krasnaya Shapochka Mine in the Urals, fluorite samples from the Trans-Baikal fields and other valuable items.

Unique interactive panels designed for the museum will be used to track various periods in the construction of VDNKh pavilions, to learn the names of the artists, sculptors and architects who contributed to that work, or gain access to online archives with photographs and background information for each VDNKh pavilion.

“Museum City will also include several Culture Ministry museums, such as the Cinema Museum, which will open in October 2017 in Pavilion No. 36 near the famous Golden Spike fountain,” Ms Pronicheva said.

The Cosmonautics and Aviation exhibition centre will open in 2018 in the Cosmos (Space) pavilion. It will include a full-scale mock-up of the Mir orbital station, elements of the lunar programme and prototypes of Russian aircraft. The Cosmonautics and Aviation centre will become part of Museum City along with the Nuclear Energy Museum, which will feature scale models of Russia’s largest nuclear power plants.

Some expositions of the future Museum City are already open. One of these is the Made in Russia exposition of the Polytechnic Museum in Pavilion No. 26 about discoveries, inventions and innovations made in Russia.

Museum City will also include the Museum of Vintage Music and the Russia – My History multimedia museum. The renovation of landmark buildings and fountains and area improvements are underway at VDNKh.

Other museum projects underway in Moscow include Museum Town, which is designed to unite the buildings of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from Kropotkinskaya metro station to Borovitskaya Square, as well as the Museum Park recreation area, which will connect the Polytechnic Museum with Zaryadye Park.