Traffic resumes on Tverskaya Street one day earlier

Traffic resumes on Tverskaya Street one day earlier
The section of Tverskaya Street between Triumfalnaya Square and Belarussky Railway Station will be once again closed off to traffic during the upcoming weekend.

On Sunday, 9 July, traffic resumed on Tverskaya Street on the section between Pushkinskaya and Triumfalnaya squares which was upgraded (under the My Street programme) one day earlier than planned. This section of Tverskaya Street was closed off to vehicles yesterday, with workers managing to install cable ditches for overhead wiring.

In all, we have laid about three kilometres of pipes for cable channels and installed eight facilities for aerial cable wires,” Deputy Moscow Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov noted. Workers later covered the street with a temporary asphalt-concrete coating, and the asphalt carriageway will be resurfaced later on.


Seven lanes nearby to Tverskaya Street, including Blagoveshchensky, Mamonovsky, Maly Palashovsky, Staropimenovsky, Degtyarny, Nastasyinsky and Bolshoi Putnikovsky pereuloks, are also open to traffic. Moreover, it is possible to drive along a section of Bolshaya Bronnaya Street between Tverskaya Street and Sytinsky Pereulok.

The project involved almost 600 experts from the Municipal Utilities Complex and about 250 pieces of equipment,” Mr Biryukov added.

All overhead wiring will be placed inside cable channels on the Tverskaya and 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya streets and also on Tverskaya Zastava Square by late July. Overhanging wiring on Tverskaya Street will be switched off and removed after cable channels are installed, pylons will be put in place, and a number of startup operations will also be conducted,” said Alexei Belyayev, First Deputy Head of the Department for Major Housing Repairs.

Tverskaya Street’s section between Triumfalnaya Square and Belarussky Railway Station will be closed off to traffic during next weekend. The street will be improved completely by mid-August.

This year, the city is to renovate 89 local territories under the My Street programme. In all, 12 embankments, the Garden and Boulevard rings will be upgraded. A new pedestrian zone, due to include Birzhevaya Square, the Bogoyavlensky and Rybny pereuloks, will be established between Nikolskaya Street and Varvarka. There are also plans to build two museum facilities, including Museum Town on Volkhonka and Museum Park on Lubyanka, under the programme.

To appreciate the results of the My Street programme, visit a shady alley along Staraya Square or Yakimanka Embankment. The latter’s narrow pavements/sidewalks have been replaced with a 15-metre long walkway. The embankment now features observation decks with benches, rubbish bins , flower pots as well as Wi-Fi markers.