Free Wi-Fi to cover all of central Moscow

Free Wi-Fi to cover all of central Moscow
Wi-Fi blind spots will be eliminated inside the Garden Ring.

The number of free Wi-Fi access points will be increased in central Moscow to eliminate all blind spots.

“Our task is to provide an even Wi-Fi coverage of streets within the Garden Ring,” Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology Artyom Yermolayev said at the Moscow Urban Forum. “We are doing radio planning to determine sites where additional access points will be installed so that it would be possible to easily use Wi-Fi in the city centre where the major businesses and recreation areas are located.”

According to Mr Yermolayev, plans call for installing new access points on the Garden Ring at  the beginning of 2018.

As of now, the municipal Wi-Fi is available on 200 streets in central Moscow and in 24 parks. Each access point has a coverage area of about 50 metres. The network accommodates up to 15,000 simultaneous users; there is no need in repeat autorisation when switching to another access point.

To connect to free Wi-Fi, one needs only to pick the Moscow_Wi-Fi_Free network, open a browser and log in. This can be done either via a account (login and password required), or a text message (an access code will be sent to your phone number).

The city pays for the internet access while state contractors are responsible for the construction and maintenance of networks, as well as purchasing and installing the  equipment.

In 2016, the free municipal Wi-Fi network received the Project of the Year award in the category The Best Infrastructure Project. The jury included IT directors of Global CIO.