Green path: Moscow park guide

Green path: Moscow park guide
A free open-air workout in the morning, English lessons later on in the day and dancing and films in the evening. What do Moscow parks offer their visitors during the summer months?

This summer, 14 parks around the city will give visitors an opportunity to take part in over 50 free dance workshops. Some parks will double as educational and sports grounds. Free fitness, yoga, running and football lessons will be held in the open air. Whether one is a female or a male there’s plenty of activities to suit all tastes.


Gorky Park

Over 40,000 people visit Gorky Park every single day. It offers everything needed to relax, do some physical or sports activity and even do some work. The park features a museum, playgrounds, bike lanes, a café and even plug sockets to charge up electrical devices. Sports equipment can be rented at hire stations. 

Tourists are offered audio guides in English. Visitors will also learn more about Gorky Park’s history that spans about three centuries from a tour around the park, which will take them back to the times of pre-revolution Russia with its nobility and will allow them to compare the Soviet-era main entrance to the park with its renovated version. The application will take visitors along a specially developed route while photographs included in the guide will show sculptures and structures which have long since perished.

The park is bubbling with activity. This green space brings together culture, sports and leisure, as here you can see some kind of a performance or perhaps a film, attend a concert, hold a school-leaving party, test your skills in a quest or dance. The park is located close to Oktyabrskaya and Park Kultury metro stations at 9 Krymsky Val Street.

Sokolniki Park

Another popular place to walk is Sokolniki Park. Its layout is very convenient for the public: an alley will take visitors from the main entrance to a large circle from where eight lanes branch off in a semicircle. Poperechny Prosek (Transverse Through-Cut) crosses the radial alleys. The park features a theme park, a swimming-pool and gardens, including rose gardens. Children will be attracted by an ecoclub, a contact zoo and a trampoline arena while adults will be able to hire a  bicycle car, join a running club or even hold a wedding ceremony.

There is a rehabilitation centre for wounded birds in the park as well. Visitors are also invited to take a tour of the park, enjoy interval training or watch a film. The best way to get to the park is by metro. The park is located near Sokolniki metro station at 1 Sokolnichesky Val Street.

Kuskovo Museum Estate

The Kuskovo Museum Estate offers an opportunity to travel back to the 18th century. The first reference to Kuskovo as the Sheremetev family estate dates back to the late 16th century. In 1623–24, the estate accommodated a wooden church, a boyars’ courtyard and the serfs’ courtyards. Between 1750–70s, Kuskovo was transformed into an estate with a palace in the Baroque and Rococo style of the mid-18th century, a large park and ponds.   

Today, the estate is open to visitors; they are invited to take a tour around the estate and attend permanent or temporary exhibitions inside the estate buildings. Kuskovo holds classical music, jazz and organ concerts. The estate is located at 2 Yunosti Street. The nearest metro stations are Ryazansky Prospekt, Vykhino and Novogireyevo.  

Kuzminki Park

Go to Kuzminki Park to play chess and feed squirrels. One of the city’s greenest parks features a skating park, a drama school, fitness machines for senior citizens and also available are ballet, yoga and dancing lessons. The park is located near Kuzminki metro station.

The National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh)

VDNKh is Russia’s largest exhibition, museum and recreation complex and one of Moscow’s most popular public spaces.

It provides a home to the Zelyony (outdoor) Theatre, which holds concerts, an urban farm, which invites children and their parents to feed animals and learn how to look after them, and a crafts park. A large space at VDNKh is occupied by public workshops that bring together restorers, artists and designers. Another attraction is the Moskvarium Aquarium. Some facilities at VDNKh are undergoing renovation: a massive construction and repairs project that is underway at the complex aims to restore the pavilions’ historical appearance and also to open a theme park and new museums.

Visiting two locations at once: The network and the park  

Free Wi-Fi is available in many Moscow parks and on the majority of streets within the Garden Ring – in all, there are over 1,000 access points. Use interactive Wi-Fi maps to see where free internet access is available in Moscow’s recreation areas. 

New parks: Zaryadye, ZIL and Dream Island

Between 2017–18, new parks will open in Moscow. Zaryadye, ZIL and Dream Island amusement park will become the largest green spots in the city.  

Barrier-free environment and suspension bridge

Zaryadye landscape park is being built in the centre of Moscow – a stone’s throw away from Red Square. The park is going to have several distinct environments typical of Russia’s major climatic zones, an ice grotto, the Zapovednoye Posolstvo scientific and educational centre, as well as a concert hall. There are also projects to build a suspension bridge over the Moskva River and revamp Moskvoretskaya Embankment.                 

Illuminated benches made out of natural materials will be installed in Zaryadye Park. A 2,000-seat summer amphitheatre will be the park’s main project. Part of the amphitheatre will be covered with glass textured bark – a transparent roof that will be installed to keep temperatures inside at comfortable levels. A garden will also be created under the roof so various plants can be grown all year round, including those that normally do well in warmer climates.   

The design for the park provides for a two-level embankment: the lower level will be sloping down towards the river while the upper level is conceived as a pedestrian zone. An underground museum that will appear in the park will contain  a fragment of the Kitai-Gorod wall found during excavation work as its main exhibit. The exhibition hall will accommodate groups of 40 visitors.  

The park will have virtually no railings nor fences so as to enable  visitors to easily walk on the grass or relax on its slopes and lawns without bumping into things like walls  or tripping over kerbs. More than 600 trees, over 8,000 shrubs and over 120 varieties of flowers, herbs and even berries will be planted in the landscaped areas. The park will open ahead of Moscow’s 870th anniversary that will be celebrated in September.

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A pond and sports grounds

A new green space of 10 hectares will be created in the former industrial zone: ZIL Park will have a pergola – a 1.5-kilometre long terrace grown over with plants – running all along its perimeter. It will accommodate cafés and restaurants, as well as hire stations where visitors will be able to hire bikes, roller skates and other sports equipment. A pond will be created in the park that will look like a small winding rivulet, with foot paths and bike routes running along it.

Other attractions will include a basketball pitch, tennis courts and a playground for children of all ages measuring 1,500 square metres. Lamps and architectural landscape lighting will be installed for evening walks around the park.

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Animation characters and yachting school

Dream Island, the largest amusement park both in Europe and Asia, is being built in the southern part of Moscow. It will occupy about 100 hectares. The park will offer 27 park rides, a pavilion with animation characters, a concert hall, a cinema, a 410-room hotel, a children’s yachting school, restaurants and also shops. A glass dome will cover a large central square, a promenade, a concert hall seating 3,800 people and a cinema with 14 halls. A landscape park will have sports grounds and two dance pavilions, an open-air cinema, an amphitheatre as well as a rope adventure course.

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