Moscow ready to host 2018 Word Cup

Moscow ready to host 2018 Word Cup
The Russian capital will be the football capital for the World Cup and the key transport hub for football fans.

Moscow’s entire infrastructure is prepared to host this major football competition at the highest level, Nikolai Gulyayev, head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism, said at a plenary session of the Moscow Urban Forum.

The World Cup is a top event comparable only to the Olympic Games,” he said. “Our country will be hosting this celebration of football for the first time. Security for the 2017 Confederations Cup was provided by 16,000 people (about 4,500 per match). This experience gives us confidence for the main tournament held every four years.”

World Cup preparations have driven impressive modernisation in participating Russian cities, encouraging the construction of unique stadiums, new transport interchanges, and tourist and residential development projects.

Gulyayev said the Russian capital would become the key transport hub for fans during the event.

All the attention will be on Moscow, and tourists will mostly be arriving at Moscow airports,” he said. “Given our experience in organising sporting and cultural events, we are fully geared up for this. The World Cup will be hosted at the highest level.”

Moscow hotels continue preparing to accommodate a large inflow of guests. “Presently, 1,086 hotels have been rated, and another ten hotels will be built by the end of the year,” Gulyayev said. “The city is ready to provide football fans with a variety of rooms at a variety of rates.”

The Department of Sport and Tourism presented its booth “Eventful Moscow” at the Moscow Urban Forum held on July 6-12 at VDNKh. The booth highlights the city’s tourist potential, tourist events and major events held in the city.