An example of a floor from one of the  residential buildings to be built under the relocation programme can be found at Pavilion 75. Apart from flats, the expo also features courtyard improvement elements with playgrounds and lawns.

A Moscow housing relocation programme showroom can be found at VDNKh. “It shows an example of a floor from a new block of flats intended for the relocation of Muscovites,” said Head of the Urban Development Department Sergei Lyovkin at the Moscow Urban Forum. “Anyone who wants to see the future flats can come here to Pavilion No. 75 and see for themselves what the doors and the floor will look like and how security will be provided.” Apart from flats, the expo also features courtyard improvement elements with playgrounds and lawns.

The programme stipulates the construction of new-generation monolith and panel buildings. Quality and comfortable housing, built upon up-to-date designs using  energy-saving technologies, will replace the old five-storey buildings. “Certain tested materials are being used under the control of our labs; the best Russian technologies will be used,” Mr Lyovkin said.

The Moscow Urban Forum, dedicated to the development of agglomerations and a new world map, opened today at VDNKh. It will continue until 12 July and bring together over 400 speakers, over 11,000 participants in the business programme and 30,000 visitors. The business programme of this year’s forum, the largest in its 7-year long history, will feature panel discussions, roundtables, presentations, public interviews and also conferences. Visitors will be offered lectures, workshops, MUF Fest films and the MUF Expo.

Comfortable flats and walking areas: New housing for Muscovites

Flats will have modern interiors. Each of them will have a spacious corridor in light colours, and isolated rooms. Rooms will have safe light switches and sockets and wiring will be placed in skirting boards.

Kitchens will be equipped with energy-efficient and safe stoves. Bathrooms and WCs will be separate. Bathrooms will have a chrome-covered tower rail, a sink, a metal bath with a protective screen and a shower, as well as access to plumbing.

Building entrances will have low thresholds, ramps for low-mobility people and energy-saving lighting. The entrance halls will have modern mailboxes, an intercom system, as well as cargo and passenger high-speed lifts. An uninterrupted water and electricity supply is also guaranteed.

New neighbourhoods will have walking areas with flowerbeds, benches, swings, playgrounds and sports grounds. There will be parks and bike paths close by to the buildings.

Guarantees for participating citizens

The law on housing relocation was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 July, 2017. Participants are guaranteed voluntary involvement and the right to give up relocation; they will be provided with a flat of the same size as their old one in a building in the same district (except for the Zelenograd, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas where flats will be given within the same area). Those who do not want a new flat of the same size will be able to receive a flat of the same value, or financial compensation equaling the going rate of their old flat.

Veterans, pensioners living alone, disabled people, families with lots of children will receive help when it comes to moving. Flats will be complete with residential finishing, people will be relieved of paying any capital overhaul fees, and will have the right to appeal to court, if need be.

Spheres: Housing Relocation Programme