Metryoshka and Sundial: Muscovites continue to choose TIC

Metryoshka and Sundial: Muscovites continue to choose TIC
The name Big Ring still leads; the second most popular name is the Third Ring.

The Active Citizen website has released the latest results of the vote to choose the name for the metro’s new circle line. Opinions have been expressed by 198,202 participants, who offered over 40,000 ideas. The most active voters were men and Muscovites over 45 years old. The most active citizens live in the Central, Western, Northern and Southwestern administrative areas.

The Big Ring still leads with 3,374 voters. The second most popular name is the Third Ring, from 1,400 people. The third most popular name is the Second Circle Line, preferred by over 1,300 responders.

In addition, “active citizen” responders like Matryoshka, the Park Ring, the Sundial, the Business Line, the Band, the Outskirts, Metryoshka and Tryoshechka (a three-rouble note).  The most unexpected name is still KVADRAT (square): an acronym for the first letters in the names of the stations on the new line: Kashirskaya,  Varshavskaya, Aminyevskoye Shosse, Davydkovo, Rzhevskaya, Aviamotornaya and Tekstilshchiki.  Other suggestions include Contour or the Roundabout Way.

About 33 percent of respondents proposed keeping the current working name, the Third Interchange Circuit.  Usually residents between 18 and 34 gave this answer. This is also popular with Eastern Administrative Area residents. 

Overall, 28 percent of responders were undecided and 17 percent think it should simply be left up to the city.

The Third Interchange Circuit will be the metro’s second circle line and have 31 stations. Passengers will be able to change lines without going to the city centre. The first trial trains will start running on the new section between Delovoy Centr and Petrovsky Park at the end of September 2017.