Ice cave and flight above the city: The look of Zaryadye Park

Ice cave and flight above the city: The look of Zaryadye Park
The new Zaryadye Park, which features a unique ecosystem, will welcome its first visitors this autumn. Read this article to find out what the new park has to offer.

The new Zaryadye Park has been under construction since 2014. Next to the Kremlin, it was once the site of the Rossiya Hotel. Workers finally got to the basement demolition in 2015, and construction of the new foundations and underground car park were finished by September 2016. Most of the landscaping was also complete.

Construction of the multi-region landscaping and the main buildings is now entering the final stages.

Meadows and steppes

Zaryadye Park will become part of Moscow’s pedestrian and tourist routes – from Varvarka Street and Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge to Vorobyovy Gory. The park will run the gamut of Russia’s natural diversity from the forest area to the steppe, northern landscapes, and floodplains. The areas will descend from northeast to southwest.

From Red Square, visitors will step into a birch grove followed by northern flora along Varvarka Street. These will in turn give way to temperate forests and a large meadow. The southwestern part will feature ponds and a network of wood-covered paths.

The park will be home to a wide variety of plants including tundra, coniferous, deciduous, riparian forest, birch groves and meadows. Sage, flax and broom bushes will usher in “spring” in the steppe area, while southern plants will grow under a glass structure.

Flight above Russia and philharmonic hall

Zaryadye Park will have some curious architecture, including an ice cave with snow glistening year round and a laced floating bridge over the Moskva River, and a glass hothouse dome. The dome will be part of the roof of a new philharmonic hall overlooking the hill and the garden.

The hall will feature two facades built into the descending slope. A slope will have a special translucent covering (glass bark).

There will also be a media centre and original amusement rides. One of them, Flight Above Russia, is a 4D cinema with multichannel surround sound. Visitors will fly over the Far East, Siberia, the Urals, the Far North, the Caucasus, the Baltics and Central Russia, including Moscow. The entrance to the media centre will feature an interactive screen, which can be used to find information on cultural events in the city, buy tickets or chart a route in the park or the whole of Moscow. 

The media centre will also be a venue for a “Time Machine.” Visitors will be able to see re-enacted historical battles, make virtual geographic discoveries, help build prominent historical buildings, and get to know historical greats.

Another Zaryadye site will be the Forbidden Embassy. It will include a florarium, or greenhouse with an artificial climate, an ice cave that lets visitors feel the cold atmosphere of the north and the Arctic, and an educational centre, which will host scientific shows, conferences, lectures and seminars.

Behind the fence

Anyone can see what is happening at the Zaryadye Park site right now. Project information is available at the pavilion, which opened at the site in 2014. The pavilion looks like a glass dome with its interior walls covered with QR codes. These can be read via tablet, which visitors are given on entering, or using a special app.

Construction is due to end by August 2017 meaning that the park is expected to greet its first visitors on City Day in September, or very soon. Entrance will be free 24-7.