How to call for emergency services

How to call for emergency services
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
Every year, the city receives an increasing number of tourists. In 2016, about 17.5 million people visited Moscow. This story offers tips on how to call for emergency assistance.

Calling an ambulance, the police or other emergency services

Mobile phone users can call the 112 line toll-free in any emergency. Callers can place calls even with no balance on a mobile phone account or if the phone lacks a SIM card.

Emergency 112 service operators speak Russian and English. Be calm and explain your location and what assistance you need. Operators will relay the information to the required emergency service. Do not leave the scene of an incident until help arrives.

Remember, 112 operators don’t provide any information. Don’t call this number unless you need emergency assistance. For additional information, call the 8 (495) 663 1393, the tourist hotline/phone-in service with Russian and English-speaking operators.

This hyperlink lists the following emergency service phone numbers: ambulance, police, the Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief Ministry, gas provider Mosgaz, etc. But operators only speak Russian.

The Moscow ambulance website offers online instructions for tourists who need emergency medical treatment. It answers the most popular questions and features a video on how to call an ambulance.

Tourist police to help victims of muggings, lost people

Tourist police officers guard the most popular city tourist landmarks and can help tourists find their way around town. They also investigate thefts and muggings involving tourists. These police officers wear armbands inscribed “Tourist Police.”

Call centre experts to help in case of emergency

Call centre operators also offer tips in emergencies. Call 8 (800) 302 3112 and 8 (800) 350 5112 toll-free via any Russian mobile phone network or from any city telephone nationwide. Foreign citizens and tourists using international roaming plans can call 8 (495) 587 7112. Foreign mobile phone subscribers will have to pay for the call.

Metro information desks

People losing their way in the metro can receive assistance at Live Communication information desks. Staff can offer tips on train routes, interchanges, ticket prices and on the public transit system in general. They can also print essential information. Information is available in Russian and English. Information desks are located at the following metro stations:

Komsomolskaya (Circle Line)

Kurskaya (Circle Line)

Paveletskaya (Zamoskvoretskaya Line)

Ploshchad Revolyutsii/Teatralnaya (joint entrance)

Arbatskaya (Arbatso-Pokrovskaya Line)

Alexandrovsky Sad

Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya (joint entrance)


Belarusskaya (Circle Line)

Kievskaya (Circle Line, enter from Kievsky Railway Station Square)

Kitai-Gorod (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line)

Park Kultury (Circle Line)

Sretensky Boulevard