My Street: A photo story of Moscow improvements

My Street: A photo story of Moscow improvements
Gorky Street. Photo by Naum Granovsky. 12 September 1949
There are trees but no illegal parking, advertising or overhead wires. My Street is changing the city, keeping its vital elements but removing everything that was distorting the skyline: A photo story of the project’s achievements.

My Street has been launched to improve the urban environment, broaden the pavements (sidewalks), renovate buildings and create pleasant courtyards. The key word here is renovation, but with due respect for the city’s history. So, the best formula in this case is traditions plus novel solutions. Thanks to this programme, trees have been returned to the Garden Ring and Tverskaya Street and planted where there were none in the past. We offer you a view of this process not only through the eyes of time but also of that captured by a camera lens.

Triumfalnaya Square

The renovation of Triumfalnaya Square was one of the key projects in 2015. A place with a rich history, it has accommodated a variety of urban facilities, including a marketplace and a circus, until it became an asphalt covered island in a sea of cars. But its outlook changed completely in 2015. Today, the square is a vast pedestrian area connected to nearby streets. It has swings, cafés and an information centre for tourists. However, its main elements are trees, bushes, grass and modern flowerbeds.

Kudrinskaya Square

The Garden Ring will at long last live up to its name, as its renovation provides for planting many trees. In 2016, linden trees were planted on Sadovo-Triumfalnaya Street, alder trees on Sadovo-Kudrinskaya and Ussurian pears on Smolenskaya Square.

The renovation plans for the Garden Ring in 2017 cover a 1.5 km long section that runs from Dolgorukovskaya Street to Smolenksya Square.

Tverskaya Street

Trees were planted in Moscow’s central streets in the late 1940s. Some 200 trees were planted the entire length of Gorky Street (now Tverskaya Street) in 1948.All of them were cut down in the 1990s. Thanks to My Street, Tverskaya has become green again after linden and other trees were planted and 1,760 square metres were sown with grass last year.

Malaya Dmitrovka Street

Trees have been planted near the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos at Putinki on Malaya Dmitrovka Street. The renovation also included widening the pavements (sidewalks) and removing communication lines underground. The goal of the Clear Sky, a major part of the My Street programme, is to clean the city of visual rubbish, including illegal advertising, overhead wires and banners. Electricity, telephone and internet wires are being removed and buried underground.

Mokhovaya Street

The improvement of the Kremlin Ring began in 2016 and will end in 2017. The pavement (sidewalk) has been widened, 40 new street lights have been installed, the lawns have been upgraded and overhead wires have been removed and buried underground on Mokhovaya Street. Improvements on the territory around the Pashkov House included the strengthening of the slope and the planting of a new lawn.


Photographs from the Moscow Central State Archive