Baby elephant born at Moscow Zoo

Baby elephant born at Moscow Zoo
Visitors will soon be able to see the newborn baby elephant at the Elephants Pavilion.

An Asiatic baby elephant has been born at Moscow Zoo. The baby will soon be strong enough to introduce himself to zoo visitors at the Elephant Pavilion.

According to the Moscow Zoo, the baby elephant has a curious and playful personality.

“His favourite game is to lift up sticks with his trunk or throw grass around the place,” the press service said. “The baby elephant weighed about 90 kg at birth.”

Zoo representatives said the baby spent most of his time with his mother who breastfeeds him every 90 minutes. It will not move on to solids completely until he reaches the age of two or even three, but will soon start trying plant food that his mother will first of all carefully chew and then put it in his mouth. The best treat for a grown-up elephant are bananas and apples. Every day, an elephant can put away about 150 kg of food.

The baby’s parents Pamir (37) and Pipita (36) have been at the Moscow Zoo since 1985. Pipita’s elder daughter Kiprida is helping her mother look after the newborn brother. Kiprida was born in 2009. Out in the wilds, young females often help their parents or other mature elephants take care of the younger ones, thus gaining experience for the own future motherhood.

The Moscow Zoo currently has four Asiatic elephants. These species live between70−80 years, and females are usually fertile until the age of about 50.

The baby boom continues to sweep the Moscow Zoo. Visitors can see a baby capybara that lives in the South America enclosure. The European lynx recently had three cubs. A sable (black) antelope calf now lives in the African Animals pavilion, and a cria (baby alpaca) can be seen in the hoofed mammals section.