Sergei Sobyanin: VDNKh to become Moscow’s key tourist project

Sergei Sobyanin: VDNKh to become Moscow’s key tourist project
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
All construction and restoration work at VDNKh is to be completed by 2020.

Over 20 million people visit VDNKh annually, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said live on the VKontakte social network.

“I believe that this will be Moscow’s key tourist project. Although even now VDNKh has over 20 million visitors per year. This is comparable with the total number of people visiting all other Moscow parks,” the mayor said.

At present, large-scale efforts continue in order to restore VDNKh pavilions and replace utilities infrastructure. “It’s not temporary work that we have embarked on, but major upgrades. Restoration is under way, not just cosmetic renovation and the conservation of facilities, but true scientific restoration. This requires serious investment and considerable time. The same applies to utility lines,” Mr Sobyanin said.

In addition, new large facilities are being built at the country’s main exhibition park. Some are already in use, like Moskvarium, the Russia ‒ My History summer movie theatre and lecture hall, and City Farm. A children’s amusement park and Park of Crafts will open in the future. “The pond area is being landscaped, and a number of other projects are being carried out, including the creation of new museums and the restoration of the sites that have to do with our friends from the CIS,” Mr Sobyanin added.

Thirty-seven historical pavilions and 17 fountains are planned to be restored, a farming market, an equestrian arena and 15 modern pavilions will be built, and 11 new museums will open in the coming years. Deserted industrial structures will be torn down to make way for new sites. All main facilities will be completed by 2020.