Russia Day celebrations in 19 Moscow parks

Russia Day celebrations in 19 Moscow parks
The entertainment programme for 12 June includes free movies, the Samovarfest and robots.

A special programme prepared for Russia Day in 19 parks of Moscow’s Department of Culture includes an android reciting Pushkin’s poems, a tea party around a two-metre tall samovar, a flag-making workshop and much more, including free movies in 10 parks. For example, a 2016 film starring Sergei Bezrukov, After You’re Gone, will be shown at the Hermitage Garden and Krasnaya Presnya, Izmailovsky and Kuzminki parks. Visitors at Tagansky Park will be able to see a 2015 romantic comedy Without Borders. Lianozovsky, Vorontsovsky and Perovsky parks will screen the films The Girls, Courier and Wedding in Malinovka.

Sokolniki Park: An android Pushkin and a street music festival

On 11 and 12 June, Visitors at Sokolniki Park will have the opportunity to meet a Pushkin-like robot. An android capable of reciting some 600 poems by Alexander Pushkin will be brought from VDNKh’s Robot Station. From noon to 6 pm, the robot will recite excerpts of the visitors’ choice from the narrative poem “Ruslan and Ludmila” or the novel in verse “Eugene Onegin” next to the Rotonda Bandstand, which is located close to the main entrance to the park.

Concerts and DJ sets will be held on the park’s Fountain Square from 1 pm to 9 pm on 12 June. The Ours in the City street music festival of Russian pop rock bands will begin on Festival Square at 4 pm.

Hermitage Garden: Samovarfest tea party

An unusual tea party will be held on 12 June as part of Samovarfest, the First Russian Feast and Hospitality Festival. The tea party will be held from noon until 9 pm around a two-metre-tall brass samovar. In all, 500 people will be able to enjoy tea from it at a time.

Guests can buy cracknels, baklava, cheese patties and many other treats for their tea.

The programme includes quests, workshops, an exhibition of folk costumes and ancient exhibits, a fashion show and, finally, a gala concert by the Neschastny Sluchai comedy rock group, Posle 11 folk rock group, and Moscow State Musical Folklore Theatre Russkaya Pesnya (Russian Song).

The free screening of After You’re Gone, a 2016 film by Anna Matison starring Sergei Bezrukov, will begin at Hermitage Garden at 9 pm.

Live flag in Tagansky Park

Russia Day will begin in Tagansky Park with handing out thousands of ribbons in the colours of the Russian national flag – white, blue and red – to park visitors. They will be invited to take part in a flash mob to form a huge live flag by raising these ribbons overhead. The event will begin at 3 pm. Entrance from Taganskaya Street.

A music group will perform hits from the 1920s and 1930s.

A free screening of Without Borders, a 2015 Russian romantic comedy comprising four love stories, will begin at 6 pm.

Bauman Garden: theatre festival

A new drama festival, The Theatre: New Forms, will be held in the Bauman Garden from 1 pm to 8 pm on 12 June. The programme includes dancing and freestyle battles, a freestyle show on the main stage (starting 3 pm) and a music and poetry performance.

Kuzminki Park: Assemble your own robot

While visitors at Sokolniki Park will listen to a Pushkin-like robot reciting poems, guests at Kuzminki Park will take part in a robot assembly competition and a race of radio controlled cars. These competitions will be held from 11 am to 5 pm. The Einstein Children interactive show will begin at noon in the children’s playground. Children and their parents will be able to attend workshops to learn to make wind with a vortex generator or soda water to their own recipe.

The free screening of a film starring Sergei Bezrukov, After You’re Gone, will begin at 8 pm.

Krasnaya Presnya Park: open-air lectures

Russia Day celebrations will begin in the park at 2 pm with a lecture on the history of Russian state symbols. Aeromodelling and kite making workshops will be held from 3 pm to 5 pm.

A concert of music groups will begin at 5 pm. The festival will end with the free film, After You’re Gone. The screening will begin at 8 pm.

Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora: the guard of honour

The 12th Shield and Lyre music festival of the Russian Interior Ministry will include a concert by groups and individual performers from the Interior Ministry and also the Central Police Orchestra. A guard of honour will stand at the Eternal Flame memorial from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lectures at Izmailovsky Park

The programme of the 12 June event in the park’s Central Square includes lectures on the history of Russia Day and the recital of poems about Russia. It will run from 2 pm to 7 pm. The screening of the film After You’re Gone will begin at 9 pm.

Air balloons at Fili Park

Visitors at Fili Park will be able to attend football workshops, relay races and dance shows. In the evening, they will see an array of air balloons rising into the night sky and attend the screening of a documentary, Grand Maket Rossiya, about a private museum with a scale model of Russian regions. The show will begin at the summer cinema at 9 pm.

Bicycle race at Sadovniki Park

The route of the bicycle race at Sadovniki Park on 12 June will run via the park’s Fountain Square. The first to race will be small children aged up to six years on balance bikes (at 10 am).  The race for adults will be held between 1 pm and 5 pm. The main hurdle will be the dry deck fountain. Victory will be assigned to those who will ride through it without getting wet and will be the first to end the race.

Badminton, frisbee and disc golf games will be available for visitors all day long.

Young composer Ilya Beshevli and the Imperialis chamber orchestra will give a concert on the wooden terrace at Muzeon Park of Arts form 9 pm to 10 pm.

The programme at Severnoye Tushino Park includes folk craft workshops and an orienteering competition. The children will enjoy a petting zoo and lectures at a mobile planetarium (starting at 3 pm). A concert is scheduled for 6 pm.

Family relay races, creative workshops and a concert are on the programme at Lianozovsky Park. Visitors will be able to see men’s extreme power competitions and take part in sports contests. Film The Girls will be shown at 8:45 pm.

Celebrations at Goncharovsky Park will include sports contests and women’s extreme power competitions. Action games and quizzes will be available to children. The event will end with a concert on the main stage.

Concerts will be on throughout the day at Perovsky Park. The evening programme includes a quiz and the Soviet-era film Wedding in Malinovka (8 pm).

The Peoples of Russia photo exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society will open at Vorontsovsky Park. The movie Courier will begin at 8 pm.

The programme at the Sirenevy Garden includes a show by stilt-walkers, a lecture and a flag-making workshop (3 pm to 5 pm).

An open-air dance party will be organised at the 850th Anniversary of Moscow Park.

Visitors at Babushkinsky Park will be able to attend workshops, a photo exhibition, a recreation show and concerts, an also watch a free movie at 7 pm.