Yakimanskaya Embankment opens for pedestrians

Yakimanskaya Embankment opens for pedestrians
Improvements on Yakimanskaya Embankment are almost finished. Construction site barriers have already been removed.

The pedestrian area on Yakimanskaya Embankment has opened for pedestrians. It underwent improvements as part of the My Street programme. Construction site barriers have been removed, and 90 percent of the work is done. Improvements continue on three nearby side streets –1st, 3rd and 4th Golutvinski Pereulok. Under the plan, the main work will be completed in all sections by 20 August.

Muscovites already have access to a common walking space along the Yakimanskaya and Krymskaya embankments.

Two sections are reserved for pedestrians only – part of Yakimanskaya Embankment (from its crossing with 3rd Golutvinski Pereulok to Bolshaya Yakimanka Street) and the adjacent section of 3rd Golutvinski Pereulok (up to its crossing with 1st Golutvinski Pereulok).

Almost 90 percent of overhead wires have been buried underground; pavements were covered with large granite tiles; and supports for basic lighting and stand lamps have been installed.

Barrier railings have been removed from all Golutvinski Pereulok side streets. Startup and adjustment work on utility tunnels is being completed there. Granite tiles are being laid on pavements, lanterns installed and lawns planted.

Upgrades are also underway in the area around St Nicholas Church bordering on Muzeon Arts Park. The facades of the church and the belfry will get repaired.

Landscape elements – litter bins, flower planters and benches overlooking the river – will be installed on Yakimanskaya Embankment’s pedestrian area after this work is finished. Bushes will be planted in Golutvinski Pereulok side streets in autumn.

Drivers can bypass the pedestrian area on Yakimanskaya Embankment via 1st Golutvinski Pereulok and Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. The direction of traffic on 1st Golutvinski Pereulok has already been reversed. Now drivers can go towards Bolshaya Yakimanka Street but not the other way round as before.

Part of the embankment and a section of 3rd Golutvinski Pereulok, which have become pedestrianised, are among the narrowest in the city. Drivers are following other routes as a bypass.

The whole of Yakimanskaya Embankment will see improvements this year under the My Street programme. Traffic will continue on its section from Patriarshy Bridge to Bolshaya Polyanka Street, while pavements will be broadened by reducing the width of lanes. It will be pleasant to walk near the water with the new viewing areas, benches and trees.

In all, this year’s My Street programme covers over 80 city areas, including 12 embankments. Muscovites will have access to the water and will find it more comfortable to walk along the river. Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, which is being upgraded now, will make a single walking curve with the Smolenskaya, Rostovskaya and Savvinskaya embankments. Novodevichya Embankment, which follows Savvinskaya Embankment, was fixed up in 2015.