My Street improvement project winding down on the Kremlin Ring

My Street improvement project winding down on the Kremlin Ring
Novaya Square is now open to pedestrians. The main work on Staraya and Slavyanskaya squares and Kitaigorodsky Proyezd is nearing completion.

The redevelopment of Novaya Square, which is part of the Kremlin Ring, was completed in May. Now this area is open to pedestrians. The total project area was 1.2 hectares with about 9,000 square metres of pedestrian space. The sidewalks have been widened to 15 metres and in some places even to 31 metres and paved with large granite blocks. In addition, overhead wires have been relocated underground. A cable duct system about a kilometre long was laid for this. Thirty-nine cable access points have been installed on Novaya Square to allow maintenance access and the installation of new lines without large digs. Storm grates have also been put in.

In addition, the lighting system in the pedestrian area was modernized during the redevelopment. Twenty-five energy saving street lamps have been installed on Novaya Square, and about 30 street lamps with designs based on historical drawings are planned for the near future.

At present, the façades of the Church of Apostle John (12, building 1, Novaya Square) and some adjoining buildings (12, buildings 2-5, Novaya Square) are being repaired. 

At other sections of the Kremlin Ring that will be redeveloped this year – on Staraya and Slavyanskaya squares and Kitaigorodsky Proyezd – the main work is nearing completion. About 80 percent of the cable piping system has been laid and 80 percent of the pavements (sidewalks) have been paved with large stone blocks. In addition, about half of the planned lamp poles and two thirds of streetlamps have been installed.

Towards the end, street furniture will be installed on the Kremlin Ring streets, including benches, rubbish baskets and flower pots, and the street will be paved. Trees and bushes will be planted in the autumn; this is the best time for plants to take root. Over 40 lime-trees about seven metres high and three elms will be planted on Novaya Square. They will separate the pedestrian area from the street. In total, about 80 lime-trees, 20 mountain ashes and 300 meadowsweet bushes will be planted along the Kremlin Ring and over 6,000 square metres of grass will be laid.  

In addition, work at one of the sections of Petrovka Street, near No. 38, has been completed. The pedestrian barriers have been removed. At other sections, the overhead wires are being relocated underground and cable access points are being installed. The project is about 50 percent complete. After the overhead wires are relocated and the sidewalks paved, the outdoor furniture and streetlamps will be installed. When all work is done, the pedestrian area on Petrovka Street will be about 8,100 square metres larger. The total street redevelopment area is 3.7 hectares.

Pedestrian area redevelopment is continuing on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, another part of the programme. The area will be increased by 4,400 square metres. At this point, about by 60 percent of the cable duct system has been laid and about 30 percent of the sidewalk has been paved.

Over 80 city areas are included in the My Street programme this year. Work is already under way on most of the streets.