Sergei Sobyanin: Aminyevskoye Motorway capacity increased by 30 percent

Sergei Sobyanin: Aminyevskoye Motorway capacity increased by 30 percent
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
The motorway is part of both the North-West and the Southern expressways.

Sergei Sobyanin has opened the renovated Aminyevskoye Motorway. “One of Moscow’s largest transport projects – the renovation of Aminyevskoye Motorway – is finished. It included laying eight kilometres of new surface on two elevated roads, two tunnels and two bridges across the Setun River. Aminyevskoye Motorway is part of both the North-West Expressway and the Southern Expressway, which runs from Rublyovskoye Motorway to Kashirka and on to Lyublinskaya Street,” the Mayor said.

Capacity on the motorway has been increased by nearly 30 percent. “This has improved traffic in two adjacent districts and access to two existing metro stations and four stations that are being built there. In short, it was a very important project,” Sobyanin said.

Six months sooner

The renovation of Aminyevskoye Motorway to the junction on General Dorokhov Street began in October 2014 and was completed six months ahead of plan. The previous deadline was in December 2017.

The part of the motorway we are opening today was one of the most complicated,” said Pyotr Aksyonov, First Deputy Head of the Department of Construction. It involved laying 180 kilometres of communication lines, or nearly 20 km per kilometre of road.

The renovated motorway has between two and five lanes in each direction.

Overall, the project included building or renovating 8.25 km of road, including:

— 1,032 metres of elevated roadway (three lanes in each direction);

— a 444 metre tunnel near Artamonov Street (three lanes in each direction);

— a 1,009 metre tunnel at the junction of Aminyevskoye Motorway with General Dorokhov Street (two lanes in each direction);

— a 582 metre slip road from Aminyevskoye Motorway to General Dorokhov Street (one lane in each direction);

— two bridges across the Setun River (three lanes in each direction);

— two underground and one surface pedestrian crossing.

The project also included laying new communication lines and reinforcing 150 metres of the Setun riverbed.

One third faster

The renovation has increased Aminyevskoye Motorway’s capacity by approximately 30 percent.

Vehicles will move freely from General Dorokhov Street to Aminyevskoye Motorway and on to Rublyovskoye Motorway and Kutuzovsky Prospekt without making a detour to Mozhaiskoye Motorway via the MKAD.

The upgraded motorway will simplify the drive from the Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye and Fili-Davydkovo districts to central Moscow and the nearby Kuntsevskaya and Slavyansky Boulevard metro stations.

Northern and southern districts connected

The 78.6 km long North-West Expressway is a new fast road that will run across the northern and southern districts from Dmitrovskoye Motorway to Skolkovskoye Motorway and on to Michurinsky Prospekt.

The expressway will connect Moscow’s thoroughfares, namely Michurinsky Prospekt and Skolkovskoye, Mozhaiskoye, Rublyovskoye, Zvenigorodskoye, Volokolamskoye, Leningradskoye and Dmitrovskoye motorways.

A convenient slip road from the North-West to the North-East Expressway will be built near Dmitrovskoye Motorway towards Sheremetyevo Airport or Yaroslavskoye Motorway.

The North-West Expressway will reduce traffic by some 15 percent on several central roads, the Third Ring Road, the MKAD and the adjacent sections of outbound motorways. It will also cut travel time between these adjacent districts by approximately 10 percent.

Some sections of the North-West Expressway have been completed, including the Alabyano-Baltiysky Tunnel, Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Street from Dmitrovskoye Motorway to the tunnel and the section from Leningradskoye Motorway to Marshal Zhukov Prospekt, where Moscow’s first bi-level tunnel has been built.

The project also included the renovation of Vyazemskaya, Vitebskaya and Ryabinovaya streets, Skolkovskoye Motorway and the road from the Setun Bridge to Ryabinovaya Street, as well as part of Aminyevskoye Motorway as far as the General Dorokhov Street junction.

Work is still underway on the following sections of the North-West Expressway:

— General Dorokhov Street: from Aminyevskoye Motorway to MKAD;

— the Aminyevskoye Motorway-General Dorokhov Street interchange;

— from Mosfilmovskaya Street to General Dorokhov Street;

— Krylatskaya, Yartsevskaya, Bozhenko and Kubinka streets leading to Mozhaiskoye Motorway;

— the MKAD-General Dorokhov Street interchange;

— from Marshal Zhukov Prospekt to Krylatskaya Street.

We plan to open the last part of the seventh section in October. It will connect General Dorokhov Street with Mosfilmovskaya Street,” Pyotr Aksyonov said.