Free parking in Moscow on Russia Day, 12 June

Free parking in Moscow on Russia Day, 12 June
Parking will be free on 11 and 12 June during Russia Day celebrations.

Parking in Moscow will be free on Russia Day, 12 June, and on Sunday, 11 June.

We have asked residents to observe the parking rules and leave their cars in specially designated spaces to avoid inconveniencing other drivers and pedestrians,” said Maxim Liksutov, head of the Moscow Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

Parking will be free on any street where parking is permitted. However, fees will apply to surface level car parks with entrance gates, as usual.

Parking in Moscow has been free on Sundays and holidays since 1 January, 2016. Before that, free parking on these days was just an experiment. Russia Day this year falls on a Monday, which will thus be a holiday.

The department said traffic on holidays is not normally congested, so free parking should not affect traffic too much.