Moscow Metro to provide football fans with guidebooks in five languages before 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

Moscow Metro to provide football fans with guidebooks in five languages before 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup
Over 400,000 guidebooks will be distributed free in the metro, on the MCC and other transport facilities.

Free pocket metro maps and special Moscow transport guidebooks will be available to tourists and football fans coming to Moscow for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Metro maps will be in two languages, Russian and English, and the guidebooks in five – Russian, English, Spanish, French and German.

“We will hand out free pocket metro maps and guidebooks at information stands in the metro and on the Moscow Central Circle railway, as well as aboard Aeroexpress trains and at railway stations,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The Spartak metro station will be specially marked on maps, as it is near the stadium where the Confederations Cup matches will take place. The maps will also indicate the information stands at metro and MCC stations. At present they can be found at 14 metro stations and five MCC stations. English-speaking employees will be able to help tourists choose an itinerary, explain how to transfer between lines and find places of interest, and describe how to pay transit fares. Maxim Liksutov said the stands would also provide the Moscow Transport guidebook printed specially for the FIFA Confederations Cup. The print run totaled 400,000 copies.

“The guidebook contains information on the upcoming football events and about Moscow public transit. This pamphlet will be useful to all football fans. It includes match schedules, recommendations on how to reach the stadium, rules for free transit for fans, metro maps, surface transit and paid parking maps, ticket fares and useful telephone numbers. Fans will find these guidebooks throughout the transport infrastructure, including airports and railway stations, Aeroexpress trains, in the metro and on the MCC railway, near large transit hubs and bus stations,” Maxim Liksutov said.

As the deputy mayor pointed out, the online version of the guidebook is already available for tourists on the integrated transport web portal.

The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup kicks off in Russia on 17 June. Spartak Stadium in Moscow will host four games: group matches and the bronze match.

The Moscow public transport is preparing to receive tourists and fans. Metro train station name announcements are now given in English on all lines. A free transit plan has been developed for fans, volunteers and people on FIFA lists.