Temperatures to rise to 25 C by mid-week

Temperatures to rise to 25 C by mid-week
Temperatures on the rise by Tuesday 6 June.

This week, at last, Muscovites will enjoy pleasant weather: according to weather forecasters, temperatures in Moscow are expected to reach 25 degrees Celsius.  

On Monday 5 June, it will be still cool – below 16 C. After noon, heavy showers and strong wind gusts of up to 12–17 metres per second are likely. According to the Weather Forecast Department at the Avtomobilniye Dorogi [Roads] State Agency, up to 25 millimetres of rain is expected to fall in the city during the day.   

On Tuesday night temperatures are forecast to stay at 10–12 C, reaching 18–20 later in the day. The rain will start clearing; however, some light outbreaks of rain are still likely.  

On Wednesday night, temperatures will range between 8 C and 10 C reaching 23 C during the day. Thursday should hit 25 C. This weather pattern will continue over the weekend but Muscovites are still likely to get some rain. 

According to the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, May was the coldest in the 21st century in Moscow, with the average temperature – 10.9 C – 2.2 degrees below normal. Rainfall of 84 millimetres was 64 percent above normal. However, in general, due to a warm March, the weather was close to normal this spring.