Take a selfie with Alexander Pushkin’s 3D double on Red Square

Take a selfie with Alexander Pushkin’s 3D double on Red Square
The virtual character from the Get to Know Moscow: Photo app will move to Red Square until the end of the book festival.

Now you can take a selfie with Alexander Pushkin’s 3D double on Red Square. The virtual character has moved from Old Arbat to the Red Square Book Festival for the celebration of the poet’s birthday on 6 June. The 3D Pushkin can be found next to the History Museum between the Library and the Amphitheatre tents of the Moscow Department of Culture.

Users of the Get to Know Moscow: Photo app can take a selfie with the 3D Pushkin. “To take a photo with the poet’s look-alike, first you need to catch it. The app compass will show you the way,” Sergei Shakryl, Director of the Learn Moscow project of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, explained. “The virtual character will appear on your smartphone screen once you are within 200 metres from it.”

Once you capture the 3D double, you can take a selfie with it, zoom in, zoom out or rotate the character 360 degrees.

The virtual Pushkin with curly hair and sideburns is dressed in a brown coat. He stretches out a hand to greet you while the other hand behind his back is holding his top hat. The 3D look-alike can usually be found around Old Arbat next to the Alexander Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment and at the Alexander Pushkin Library in Spartakovskaya Street. It has moved to Red Square for just a couple of days for the poet’s birthday. Read an article on 3D copies of historical figures on mos.ru.

The Red Square Book Festival is running between 3-6 June. The festival has 12 themed areas. A total of 500 events are planned for the festival. Some 400 books by publishing companies from across Russia will be presented. Meetings with writers, poets, musicians and actors are also taking place during the festival. The programme includes film screenings, concerts, book launches and much more.

You can stop by at some other places celebrating Alexander Pushkin’s birthday. On 6 June between 12 and 6 pm, visitors can take part in the photo shoot “Do I look like Pushkin?” outside the Library tent and take a selfie dressed like the poet, with a wig, top hat, long coat, gloves and a walking stick.

At 5 pm, there will be a presentation of the Reading Onegin video book for which lines of the novel in verse were recorder by both ordinary Muscovites and famous people, including the crew of the International Space Station. There will be talks about Pushkin’s books and the age he lived in at the lecture area all day. For example, at the Pushkin Era Fashion talk at 7 pm, you can learn all about the fashions of the early 19th century, when the Russian dandy look was first coined. You can find out how long the Bolivar hats – like the one Eugene Onegin stepped out in – were all the rage, and what did ladies wear under their ball gowns to imitate Natalya Goncharova’s look in the famous Bryullov portrait.

On 11-12 June, Sokolniki will host the Moscow Festival of Modern Literature. A Pushkin robot from the Robotic Station at VDNKh will take requests to recite more than 600 of the classic’s poems.