Strawberry retail season opens in Moscow

Strawberry retail season opens in Moscow
Berries can be bought at 200 to 350 roubles per kilo. Fairs will stay open in Moscow for two months until early August.

Eighty-four retail outlets selling strawberries have opened in Moscow with their number expected to soon reach 150, Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk said. 

Berries from the country’s southern regions  - Volgograd, Rostov, Astrakhan Regions and Kabardino-Balkaria - can already be bought at the fairs in Moscow. Overall, strawberries from 24 Russian regions will be brought to Moscow this summer.

Strawberries from the fields outside Moscow will appear on the counters no sooner than late June. “We hope, when warm weather comes, our Moscow strawberries will also ripen. Traditionally, Moscow Region’s Lenin Sovkhoz will participate, we have specially designated 50 outlets for them. Moscow residents will be able to purchase good quality fresh berries at affordable prices”, Alexei Nemeryuk said

A kilo of berries costs between 200 and 350 roubles. According to Alexei Nemeryuk, it will depend on supply and demand, weather conditions and also whether the yields will be high this year. “Strawberries are expensive in the beginning of the retail season but as s the market gets saturated, prices go down,” the head of the department explained.