Areas under elevated sections of Garden Ring elevated to be improved with colourful pillars and skateboard parks

Areas under elevated sections of Garden Ring elevated to be improved with colourful pillars and skateboard parks
Design solution
The areas under the elevated sections of the Garden Ring will become more attractive and functional. After the improvement, they will be available for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The current Garden Ring project has been underway for more than 1.5 months. Under the My Street programme, overhead wires and cables will be concealed below ground, sidewalks will be widened, and building facades will be repaired. Once the work is finished, there will be comfortable benches, beautiful street lamps with energy-saving bulbs, and new lawns. In autumn, trees and bushes will be planted.

The areas under the elevated sections will also change. They will turn from dark fenced-off plots or street maintenance vehicle storage to recreation areas. Other similar approaches include a skateboard and streetball park that opened under Luzhnetsky Bridge.

Support pillars below the Samotyochnaya elevated road that connect Sadovo-Sukharevskaya and Sadovo-Samotyochnaya streets will be painted different colours, which will brighten up the dark area below the extended overpass. It will be visually connected to Samotyochny Park nearby. The new area below the motorway will become an entrance to a new cultural route from Tsvetnoi Boulevard to Olimpiysky Stadium, the Durov Animal Theatre and the Russian Army Theatre.

The space under the Ulyanovskaya elevated road will become part of a special observation area. Away from the direct traffic on the Garden Ring, behind the Moscow State University of Technology and Management there is already a small green park and improvised residential parking. The My Street programme will convert it into a quiet recreational area with vegetation that will hide it from the road. The green area will be complemented with a pavilion and a café.

 A skateboard park will be built near Park Kultury station (Sokolnicheskaya Line) The area below the elevated road will become one of the main projects of the 2017 My Street initiative. It covers the entire intersection of the Garden Ring, Komsomolsky Prospekt and Ostozhenka Street. The area will be paved with dark and light granite, supplied with individually designed benches and a granite amphitheatre. The project includes more trees and bushes along the road. Showcases for exhibits from the Museum of Moscow collection will be installed outside the museum.

New lawns, benches and parks on the Garden Ring

The My Street programme construction began on the Garden Ring on the night of 17 April. The current project runs from Dolgorukovskaya Street to Smolenskaya Square. Pavements (sidewalks) will be widened, with benches and energy-saving street lamps installed, as well as new lawns, trees and bushes. Building facades will be repaired.

Last year, the My Street programme covered the section from Arbat Street to Dolgorukovskaya Street. Sidewalks were widened, new public gardens were built and trees were planted, including decorative apple trees. The Garden Ring was initially named for adjacent fruit tree orchards.

2017 My Street programme

This year, the My Street programme includes over 80 areas. Zaryadye Park is one of this year’s main projects, with illuminated benches, a philharmonic hall, an ice cave and a cantilevered bridge. A museum row will spring up on Volkhonka Street, and a museum park will appear on Lubyanka Street. The new recreation area with a pedestrian route will connect the Polytechnic Museum with Zaryadye Park.

One of the priorities this year is to improve 12 embankments, including Krasnopresnenskaya, Smolenskaya, Bolotnaya, Kotelnicheskaya, Prechistenskaya, Yakimanskaya, and others. Newly planted trees will separate the road from the sidewalks which will become an interconnected cycling area with recreation spots and observation points. Once complete, there will be an arc of riverside walking routes in Moscow.