Sporting event and engineering work to disrupt Moscow traffic

Sporting event and engineering work to disrupt Moscow traffic
Traffic in Moscow will be disrupted due to the Five Rings of Moscow cycling event and engineering work.

During the international Five Rings of Moscow cycling race, Krylatskaya Street will be closed off on 6 and 9 May from midday until 4.30 pm; Kosygin Street, Universitetsky Prospekt and Vorobyovskaya Embankment will be shut on 7 May from 1 pm until 4.30 pm, and Klenovo rural town on 8 May from midday until 4.30 p.m., Moscow transportation officials said.

Other roads will be affected too.

Both outbound lanes and one inbound lane will be closed from 52/1 to 54/1 Nikoloyamskaya Street from 10 May until 30 June due to engineering work.

For the same reason, traffic will be restricted on one lane in the Southeastern Administrative Area:

- from 10 May until 12 August, from Number 8 to the crossroads with Krasnokazarmennaya Street;

— from 25 May until 10 July, near Number 41/1.

No lanes on Aviamotornaya Street will be disrupted.

One lane will be shut near Number 23 Proyezd Entuziastov from 3 June until 25 August.

Traffic will be restricted on two lanes in Shosse Entuziastov, but the number of lanes will remain intact:

— from 12 July until 10 August, from Number 30 to Number 28;

—from 12 July until 25 August — from Number 37а to Number 41.

From 10 May until 1 July, traffic will be restricted due to utilities works in Balchug and Sadovnicheskaya streets and Lubochny Pereulok of the Central Administrative Area.

One lane will be partly closed in Botanicheskaya Street for engineering work:

— from 10 May until 15 July, near Numbers 37а and 39а;

— from 1 June until 15 July, near Number 10.