The Moscow House of Ethnicities to hold free excursions round city centre

The Moscow House of Ethnicities to hold free excursions round city centre
The excursion will be dedicated to the history, mysteries and legends of the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin. It will present buildings where Russian statespersons, war heroes and writers of different epochs lived.

The excursion named “Heroic Past of Moscow Streets. Novaya Basmannaya Street” will plunge its visitors into the life of Moscow during the 17th-19th centuries. Novaya Basmannaya Street is remarkable because the old buildings there are so well preserved. Here, different epochs merge. For example–the times of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander II and other great leaders. Many of its former residents became the pride and joy of Russian history and culture – poet Mikhail Lermontov, historian Nikolai Karamzin, philosopher and publicist Pyotr Chaadayev, writers Fyodor Dostoevsky and Alexei Tolstoy and antiquity collector, Alexei Musin-Pushkin.

In the 17th century, the area was named Kapitanskaya Sloboda (Captain Quarter). Foreigners who commanded the Russian army resided there. Different periods in Russian history, architectural styles and people of different ethnicities, professions and destinies had their impact on the street’s appearance.

The route includes Krasnye Vorota Square and Kurakins’ House, the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Basmannaya Sloboda, the houses of Nikolai Stakheyev, the Prowe family and of the Perovsky, the latter being a unique place where a family of future Russian statespersons, war heroes and writers lived. The final destination will be Razgulyai Square.

The excursion will start on 9 May at 4 pm. The gathering site will be by the monument to Mikhail Lermontov near Krasnye Vorota metro station.

The excursion named “Moscow City and Heavenly Jerusalem” will introduce its visitors to the Moscow Kremlin, which is an outstanding monument of ancient Russian fortification. The tour will include Borovitskaya, Troitskaya, Uglovaya (Corner) Arsenalnaya and Spasskaya towers. Visitors will also see Troitsky Bridge with Kutafya Tower that protected the bridge and St Basil’s Cathedral, which marked the climax of Russian 16th century architecture. The cathedral’s silhouette was perceived as the symbol of the Heavenly City of Jerusalem.

Visitors will stroll round Alexandrovsky Garden and then onto Konstantino-Yeleninskaya Gate Tower.

The excursion is scheduled for 10 May at 3 pm. The group meets by the entrance to Alexandrovsky Garden near Biblioteka imeni Lenina metro station to the right of Kutafya Tower.