Luzhniki to have new Russian/English signs

Luzhniki to have new Russian/English signs
Over 350 navigation signs to be installed at the sports complex.

In June, new navigation signs in both Russian and English will be put up at the Luzhniki Sports Complex. The number will total 350 by the end of this year and include sign, location names signs, maps, large pole signs, stands and other directional elements.

“Since Luzhniki covers an area of about 150 hectares, this navigation project will be one of the largest taken within  one particular project,” the Luzhniki press service said.

The signs will be mostly designed in blue and white, and carry the Luzhniki symbol of a ring of five swallows, which will be lit up at night.

For visitor convenience, the earlier unnamed squares have now been named, the press service said. For example, the area between the swimming pool and the Grand Sports Arena has been named Yuzhanaya (Southern) Square, while the space between the Small and the Grand arenas bears the name Severnaya (Northern) Square.

Some names have been replaced with more relevant ones. For example, Prestizhnaya (Prestige) Alley has been renamed Festivalnaya (Festival) Square because it will be the venue for festivals and major city celebrations. These changes will be reflected in the navigation signs and the maps of the Luzhniki complex.

“The pilot project to install new navigation signs was launched in September 2016 on Luzhnetskaya Embankment,” the press service said. “Despite the long winter, the signs have remained fresh as new, so the experiment was a success and now new signs will be set up all over the sports complex.”

The symbol of Luzhniki is a stylised image of a ring made of five swallows. Giant swallow images will later be painted on the ground next to the stadium, on pavilions and marquees. The symbol will be seen from the Vorobyovy Gory observation point and the new cable cars.