The state of upgraded streets monitored on a daily basis

The state of upgraded streets monitored on a daily basis
Никитский бульвар
After the winter season, planned inspections of streets upgraded under the My Street programme are carried out on a daily basis.

Below-zero to above-zero temperature shifts are not infrequent in Moscow throughout the winter. As this has a negative effect on flagstone surfacing, planned inspections of the state of upgraded streets are carried out, once the winter season is over.

“Agreements with contractors always stipulate the fixing of defects within the framework of warranty liabilities,” Pyotr Biryukov, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities, said. “The warranty term ranges from one to three years, depending on the type of work.”

Warranty obligations cover all types of construction and assembly works. Thus, a two-year warranty term is offered for the quality of street upgrades and related materials and equipment. The quality of façade and roof repairs, including the materials and equipment, comes with a warranty term of two years. A one-year warranty is set for road marking, the materials included. The warranty term for planting stock (trees, bushes) is three years.

During the inspection of a street, inspectors assess the state of its flagstone surfacing, kerbstones, lampposts , outdoor fixtures and other streetscape elements, and compile a report in which all defects are listed (as, for example, damaged flagstones, lopsided lampposts and so on) and deadlines are set for the contractor to fix them.

A deadline depends on the scope and type of work needed to remove the defects. For instance, new flagstones of a definite colour and size or additional outdoor fixtures have to be ordered, which may take some time.

In case defects are due to poor work by a contractor, the contractor fixes them in compliance with its warranty obligations. Defects that result from mismanagement or vandalism are fixed by the property holder.

Aside from the defects established during a planned inspection, contractors must correct violations specified by the Moscow Administrative Technical Inspections Authority in its prescriptive orders or in people’s complaints coming to the Our City portal and the hotline.

Starting from 2015, over 100 streets totalling more than 140 kilometres have been upgraded under the My Street programme.  There are over 80 urban areas on this year’s My Street. These include streets, squares, embankments, lanes and boulevards.

Upgrades on the Boulevard Ring and the Kremlin Ring, the Yakimanskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya embankments, Petrovka Street and the First, Third and Fourth Golutvinsky lanes started on 10 April and on the Garden Ring – on 17 April.