Fireworks, wartime songs and a ball: celebrating Victory Day at Moscow’s parks

Fireworks, wartime songs and a ball: celebrating Victory Day at Moscow’s parks
People will be able to see an exhibition of military equipment, listen to brass bands, learn more about famous battles of the Great Patriotic War, read soldiers’ letters from the front and congratulate war veterans on the occasion of Victory Day.

Victory Day celebrations are scheduled to be held at 20 local parks, with people listening to brass bands and wartime songs, watching plays and films, visiting exhibitions and taking part in contests. Most events are to begin at 1 pm. Fireworks displays, which are scheduled for 10 pm, will light up the sky over 19 parks, including Gorky Park, Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora (Hill), Sokolniki, Hermitage Garden, Krasnaya Presnya, Bauman Garden, Tagansky, Izmailovsky, Vorontsovsky, Lianozovsky, Goncharovsky and Perovsky parks, North Tushino, Sirenevy (Lilac) Garden, Sadovniki, the 50th Anniversary of the October 1917 Revolution Park, the 850th Moscow Anniversary Park and Babushkinsky Park.

Gorky Park

Event 10 am-10 pm

Loudspeakers mounted on the main park entrance’s walls will broadcast soldiers’ letters from the front.

The Victory Day parade will be broadcast live in the morning, followed by a festive concert on the park’s Main Stage. Singer Julian Dassin will perform together with the Russian Navy Band.

An exhibition of military equipment will open on Pushkinskaya Embankment, and field kitchens will also be located there. Wartime music fans will also be able to hit the dance floor.

People visiting Muzeon Art Park will learn various facts about the Great Patriotic War, including the duration of the Battle of Stalingrad, the number of Luftwaffe bombs dropped on Moscow and the number of Soviet cities that were razed to the ground. This statistical installation conveys the scale of wartime losses.


Event 1pm-10 pm

The park’s Festival Square will turn into a giant chessboard, with its figures depicting the Red Army and the German Wehrmacht. Antiaircraft guns, motorcycles and other military equipment will move about the chessboard. Dynamic ”Tongues of Flame” fountains, tintamarresques depicting artillery systems of the Great Patriotic War and signs with heartrending lines from field army soldiers’ last letters will be installed.

Anyone will be able to congratulate war veterans by writing on a large triangular letter under the motto “We love, take pride and cherish.”

A concert is also scheduled to take place.

Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora (Hill)

Event 10 am-10 pm

The Victory Day parade will be broadcast live from 10 am, thus starting the celebrations. The State Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, conducted by Valery Gergiyev, will later perform.

The annual Musical Quarter festival involving performers from the Russian Armed Forces, cadet secondary schools, art schools and historical re-enactment clubs will take place at the intersection of the Soldiers Alley and the Alley of War and Labour Veterans. In the evening, the Main Stage will host an all-out concert, followed by an artillery salute from 18 guns.

Hermitage Garden

Event 1pm-10 pm

Hermitage Garden will recreate the atmosphere of the 1940s and host an exhibition of Soviet vintage cars. A military brass band and a men’s chamber choir will also perform.

The Victory Day ball “At 6 pm after the war” will begin at 6 pm on a square in front of the Old Stage. People will watch professional dancers perform and will be able to dance with veterans to wartime songs. They will also learn how to tango, waltz and how to dance the Krakowiak during open lessons.

Bauman Garden

Event: 1pm-10 pm

Bauman Garden will host the second brass band festival involving brass bands from Russia and various parts of the world, such as Mos-Bras, ½ Orchestra, Polite People, Second Line and Pakava It. War veterans and senior citizens will be able to go and eat snacks at an improvised special area where they’ll be able to relax and talk about the old days.

Young people will be able to attend workshops on the art of graffiti, beat-box, freestyling and dancing.

Tagansky Park

Event 10 am-10 pm

People will be able to watch the documentary play “Katya + Sergei: Letters” by Rupor Theatre actors. The play is based on correspondence between Major General Sergei Kolesnikov who commanded an artillery division on the Bryansk Front and his wife. Everyone will be able to learn how to perform World War II dances, with the Mishanyan & Co. Choir and the Valery Bukreyev Orchestra performing on stage.

The celebrations will culminate in a parade involving children in homemade costumes at the park’s stadium and alleys.

Krasnaya Presnya

Event 1pm-10 pm

People will be able to watch a theatre performance called “Letters of Memory” narrating the biographies of the wartime generation. Everyone will be able to pose for a photo in World War II uniforms, to eat from a field kitchen and to attend a concert.

Izmailovsky Park

Event 1pm-10 pm

The Alley of Glory stretching from the main entrance will feature photos about heroes of the Great Patriotic War. There will be an open-air dance floor, where people will be able to recite verses and stories about the war.

Wartime songs will also be performed on the main square. As the celebrations draw to a close, people will also float water lanterns.


Event Noon-10 pm

People will be able to congratulate war veterans at the Open Microphone site, and they will also pose for a photo in World War II uniforms.

A brass band and students of the Centre art school for children will perform at 1 pm, and winners of the 8th Spring of 1945 Moscow Youth Patriotic Contest will hit the stage at 3 pm.

A Victory Day ball/costume party involving the State Russian Brass Band and pairs of dancers will begin at 6 pm. Those interested will learn how to dance the Rio Rita paso doble (Spanish One Step) and how to tango and waltz.

Perovsky Park

Event 1pm-10 pm

Actors and actresses from city theatres will perform the “Wartime Verses and Songs” musical-poetic composition featuring masterpieces by Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak and other poets.

People will also be able to listen to Peter Nalich’s music band and the brass band of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief.

Field kitchens operating in the park throughout the day will help create a classic military bivouac.

Fili Park

Event Noon-7 pm

Young people will be able to attend workshops and to take part in wartime street games.

Songs and stories about the war will resound all day long. People’s Artist of the RSFSR Irina Miroshnichenko and music bands will perform on stage.

Babushkinsky Park

Event 1pm-10 pm

People will dance to the sound of wartime songs with actors of an open-air theatre. A festive concert will involve the Moscow Salute brass band, People’s Artist of Russia Lyudmila Ryumina and the Forward Motion cover group.

North Tushino Park

Event 1pm-10 pm

People will watch re-enacted battles of the Great Patriotic War and a festive concert involving the Moskvichka drummer girls company, the C Plus ballet company, the Alexandrov Park music band and other performers.

Victory Day celebrations are also scheduled to take place at the Lianozovsky and Vorontsovsky parks, Artyom Borovik Park, the 50th Anniversary of the October 1917 Revolution Park, Sirenevy (Lilac) Garden, Goncharovsky Park and as well as other locations too.