Moscow school students win a third of certificates in national school competition finals

Moscow school students win a third of certificates in national school competition finals
Over 1,300 school students from Moscow took part in the school academic competition finals this year. Winners and runners-up can enrol in relevant universities without taking the admission examinations.

Moscow school students have set a new record at the national school academic competition finals by winning 817 certificates (more than a third of all certificates). Last year, they won 699 certificates.

Among the winners and runners-up were students from 222 Moscow schools. The results of the Moscow team were published on the official site of the competition.

“This year, Muscovites performed especially well during competitions in history, Russian language, health and safety, social studies and law. They are also traditionally good in biology, chemistry and math. Every year, the Moscow team strengthens its position on these subjects,” the Moscow Department of Education said.

The finals were held among 9th-11th graders, but Moscow’s 7th and 8th graders performed well too. This year, 17 students in the 7th and 8th grades won prizes at the competition.

Moscow students also managed to show off their knowledge in several subjects at once. 10th grader Ruslan Salimgareyev from School No. 179 won the astronomy competition, as well as prizes in math, Russian language and physics. Yekaterina Voloshina, a 10th grader from School No. 1324, won awards in four subjects.

For the first time, cadets took part in the national competition in health and safety and won certificates.

The national school competition is held in 24 subjects in all Russian regions. This is the largest intellectual contest with over 7 million students participating every year. The competition involves four stages. In September-October a school event is held, then a municipal stage, and in January-February a competition at the regional level. The concluding stage is in March-April. Winners and runners-up will be able to enrol in relevant universities without sitting for the admission examinations. This year, over 1,300 Moscow school students competed in the finals.