Moscow standards for new housing: What buildings will replace the five-storey buildings

Moscow standards for new housing: What buildings will replace the five-storey buildings
The new buildings will feature spacious comfortable lounges, entrances with low thresholds and ramps for limited-mobility residents and lifts that drop to the level of the entrance so that the use of stairs is not required.

Dilapidated five-storey buildings will give way to monolithic concrete and panel buildings of a new generation: high quality housing built using modern designs and energy-saving technologies.

The new designs will provide for buildings of varying comfort levels, numbers of floors and configurations. Modern three-layer panels are energy-efficient; flats in these buildings will have an open plan; lifts will descend to the level of the entrance so that the use of stairs is not required.

The designers take into account tighter security measures. The buildings are equipped with video cameras, for round the clock surveillance.

Entrances will have low thresholds and ramps. Ceramic tiles on the floor in the entrance halls will ensure cleanliness, and energy-saving lighting will save the residents money on public utilities.

The new houses will have modern mailboxes, intercoms and high-speed freight and passenger lifts. Each building will be equipped with modern engineering systems which guarantee uninterrupted supply of water, light and electricity.

Systems that automatically control water and heat supply depending on weather conditions will be installed. Heat will be regulated by energy-efficient radiators.

The readings from water and electricity meters will be transmitted automatically from individual flats.

Plastic windows will protect the interior from dust and noise. Each flat will have a balcony, some of them enclosed, as well as facade baskets for installing air conditioners. The balconies will have double-glazed windows and ceramic tiles on the floor.

The flats will be decorated in a modern style. Each will have a spacious hallway with light finishing and isolated rooms. The doors will be complete with handles, locks, door stops and secure hinges. Cable-lines will be laid inside the skirting boards. Electrical wiring will have safety switches and sockets.

The kitchens are finished with light-colored paintable wallpaper. The number of wall outlets will ensure that residents will have no problem with their household appliances and kitchen units. Kitchens will be outfitted with energy efficient electric stoves with enhanced safety.

The new buildings will have separate bathrooms and toilets. Bathrooms will be equipped with chrome-plated heated towel rails and an access point for the engineering systems, a sink with a mixer tap and a metal bath with a water screen and high-quality shower mixers.

Courtyards and the surrounding areas will be landscaped up to new standards, which include building local parks, bicycle paths, and public sport, children's and leisure infrastructure.

All the neighbourhoods will have walking areas with lighting, flower beds and modern playgrounds with safe rubber covering, swings, slides and sports equipment.