Maxim Gorky statue to return to Tverskaya Zastava by City Day

Maxim Gorky statue to return to Tverskaya Zastava by City Day
Draft engineering solution
The restoration of the statue will begin in May and upgrades on Tverskaya Zastava Square will get underway in June.

The main improvements on Tverskaya Zastava Square under the My Street programme will begin as early as June. Restoration of the statue of Maxim Gorky will start in late May and will be returned to the square by City Day.

“One of the aims of the upgrades is to revive the square’s historical design. The statue of writer Maxim Gorky, which stood there from 1951 to 2005, will return to its former place,” said Alexei Yeliseyev, Head of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs.

Located near Belorussky Railway Station, Tverskaya Zastava is currently an open space without greenery or places to rest. This year, it was included in the My Street urban improvement programme and soon it will be transformed beyond recognition. A garden with walking paths, lawns, vintage street lamps and benches will appear. The square will be resurfaced and navigation panels will be installed to help Muscovites and tourists arriving at Belorussky Railway Station find their way.

Draft engineering solution

The return of Maxim Gorky 

The statue of Maxim Gorky, which is designated as a cultural monument of federal significance, currently stands at the Muzeon Park of Arts.

“Restoration will begin as early as late May. It will be conducted on-site. The statue will be ‘dressed’ in scaffolds right at Muzeon Park,” Alexei Yemelyanov, Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage, said.

Restoration will be carried out in several stages. At first, restorers will scrape dirt, cracked coating and traces of corrosion off the statue. After that, they will restore lost metal fragments and fix defects and cracks. And only then will they begin to assemble all the stone blocks of the pedestal and stairs leading to the monument on new reinforced concrete foundations. In the final stage they will apply a decorative finish and protective coating resistant to weather effects and the negative impact of the environment.

The monument to Maxim Gorky was installed opposite Belorussky Railway Station in 1951. It was created by sculptors Ivan Shadr, Vera Mukhina, Nina Zelenskaya and Zinaida Ivanova and architect Zinovy Rozenfeld. In 2005, the statue was dismantled to make room for a construction site and found temporary shelter at Muzeon.

How Tverskaya Zastava Square will change

In June, cable tunnels will be built and all overhead cables will be hidden underground. Walking paths in the future garden will be paved with flagstones and 150 lighting poles will be put up, about 60 of which will be used both for lighting purposes and as an overhead contact system for trams and trolleybuses. There will also be around 30 historical replicas of the lamps those that stood there when the monument was still on the square.                     

There will be green spaces too. Lawns will be added in August and trees will be planted in early December – in all, 90 lime trees and apple trees.

The trees will be planted in specially prepared holes with fertile soil and drainage materials to enable water to penetrate deep into the soil. Aeration tubes from roots to the surface will help the trees to breathe.

The trees will be surrounded by high fencing with regularly replaced wood chips strewn over the base. The same technology was used for tree planting under My Street last year. According to the Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs, this technology showed its advantages and will be used in the future.

Trams will also come back to Tverskaya Zastava. Tram lines will appear in Lesnaya Street – from Second Lesnoy Pereulok to Tverskaya Zastava Square. Around the square there will be a tram ring. The new tram routes will be 1.22 km long and should be ready by autumn. The extension of tram routes from the Belorussky Railway Station to Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Durov Theatre and the Olympiisky Sports Complex will make rides 15 minutes shorter. Read more about tram traffic in Tverskaya Zastava on

More than 80 urban areas in the city will be improved under the My Street programme in 2017, including streets, squares, embankments, lanes and boulevards. Street upgrades are in full swing on the Boulevard Ring, the Kremlin Ring and the Garden Ring, the Yakimanskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya embankments, Petrovka Street, and the First, Third and Fourth Golutvinsky lanes.