All Moscow Metro lines now feature MT_FREE Wi-Fi network

All Moscow Metro lines now feature MT_FREE Wi-Fi network
From now on, people can use free Wi-Fi by accessing the Moscow Transport (MT_FREE) network. Several million people use the network daily.

All Moscow Metro line trains, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) trains, and Aeroexpress trains now feature the Moscow Transport (MT_FREE) Wi-Fi network. Passengers can stay online during an entire trip.

“All metro lines have been converted to the Moscow Transport (MT_FREE) integral network, and this internet access system will eventually include bus, trolleybus and tram stops. Generally speaking, we need to convert all of the transport infrastructure’s Wi-Fi networks to the MT_FREE standard,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the City Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

People using the network only need to register once, when entering a metro or MCC train, bus, tram or trolleybus. After that, they can use the MT_FREE Wi-Fi network on various transit routes, without text-message identification.

The metro was the first to introduce the new Wi-Fi format, and they started converting from the MosMetro_Free network in February. For passengers’ convenience, tens of thousands of information stickers with the new network’s name were placed in metro and MCC trains.

The Mosgortrans_Free and Aeroexpress_Free networks will eventually be unavailable in buses, trolleybuses, trams and Aeroexpress trains and replaced with the MT_ Free.

Several million passengers use Wi-Fi networks daily. The company MaximaTelecom operates the joint Wi-Fi network created under a long-term project with the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The city claims to have established Europe’s largest Wi-Fi network for public transit passengers, experts say. The MT_FREE network will also eventually include commuter trains.