New pedestrian zones to emerge near Yakimanskaya Embankment

New pedestrian zones to emerge near Yakimanskaya Embankment
Draft engineering solution
Traffic will be diverted there as of 10 May.

A new pedestrian zone will appear in the city centre under the My Street programme. It will include part of Yakimanskaya Embankment (from the site where it crosses 3rd Golutvinsky Pereulok and through its intersection with Bolshaya Yakimanka Street), and an adjacent area of 3rd Golutvinsky Pereulok (until its intersection with 1st Golutvinsky Pereulok). “The pedestrian zone will include observation posts and benches where one can relax. There will be energy-efficient lighting and trees all along the way,” said Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov.

Overhead utility wires will be buried underground in tunnels which are now are being dug. There will be storm water drains. After this, large granite paving stones will cover the area. This work will be carried out by contractors.

Traffic will be halted on 10 May for all vehicles except for specialised and service transportation.

During the overhaul, pedestrians will walk through temporary passages covered with wooden planks. Drivers will bypass the future walkway through 1st Golutvinsky Pereulok and Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. This will be made possible through diverting traffic on 1st Golutvinsky Pereulok for that toward Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, which used to go in the opposite direction.

The parts of the embankment and of 3rd Golutvinsky Pereulok that will be turned into a pedestrian area are among the narrowest in the city.

In keeping with the My Street programme, the entire Yakimanskaya Embankment will be developed. Traffic will continue between Patriarshy Bridge and Bolshaya Polyanka Street. Pavements will be expanded there by upgrading the width of the lanes. It will be nice to walk by the water due to the new observation posts, benches and trees.

This year, the My Street programme included over 80 city areas. Now work is ongoing on the Kremlin, Garden and Boulevard Rings, Yakimanskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya Embankments, Petrovka Street and 1st, 3rd and 4th Golutvinsky Pereulok.