Performances, music and dancing: Summer season opens 1 May in Moscow parks

Performances, music and dancing: Summer season opens 1 May in Moscow parks
Stand-up comics will perform in Gorky Park, Sokolniki will host a music festival, and the Bauman Garden – a theatrical performance invoking the May Day rallies in the Soviet Union in the early 1920s.

On 1 May, the summer season will begin at the capital’s parks, Alexander Kibovsky, Head of the Moscow City Department of Cultural Heritage, announced. On that day, summer infrastructure will start operating, holiday events will be held, athletic classes and other regular outdoor events will begin.

“The infrastructure has expanded a number of times over in the past few years. It has been renovated and maintained and expanded every year. Over 780 new facilities have emerged in the past few years, starting from athletic grounds to outdoor cinemas. All of this infrastructure will spring into action on 1 May, including rentals, all kinds of activities and recreation areas,” Alexander Kibovsky said.

The new season will see the opening of 250 sports grounds, five outdoor cinemas, 12 skate parks, 60 dance and concert halls, five reading halls, 27 fountains, 13 boat rentals and 27 waterfront recreation areas. In addition, Moscow residents and visitors to the city can use almost 80 kilometres of bike lanes and 200 bike parking areas.

“Today, one can choose any activity in our parks of culture and recreation: whether active recreation or even extreme sports, as we have 12 skate parks, or cultural and artistic activities,” Mr Kibovsky said.

He added that in recent years the number of people visiting parks has increased five-fold. Each park has all the necessary infrastructure and also its own programmes: children’s, athletic, dancing, creative and other varieties. Some of them are also designed for senior citizens, such as Nordic Walking which has recently become very popular. “This is great because it takes people out of their routine environment, from their flats, and people meet and mix,” he said.

The launch of the summer season will open over 250 hobby groups, clubs and arts studios. Most of them will be free, for example, jogging clubs, Yoga, fitness, dancing, Nordic Walking, public lectures, foreign language courses. Also, full-time children’s camps will be operating in summer.

According to Mr Kibovsky, last year the parks staged 2,038 events. The number is going to be even higher this year. A huge number of programmes will be held on 8-9 May.

The Head of the Moscow City Department of Cultural Heritage also added that according to law enforcement agencies, Moscow parks are statistically among the safest places in the city. This was achieved by increasing the number of posts, regular patrolling, a large number of surveillance cameras and other measures.

What parks have in store for the season’s opening

Gorky Park

Noon – 10 pm

Gorky Park visitors will vote for themes at the entrance by walking through arches associated with different happy activities: “feeling,” “caring,” “listening,” “sharing.” A flying trapeze and an aerial gymnastics school will perform.

The days’ programme includes Gorky Park Runners race, a bike race, fitness classes and Yoga classes. The Green School will reveal the secrets of Scandinavian wellbeing and offer lessons in Swedish. Popular stand-up comics from the Open Microphone Show will perform on the stage of the Pioneer outdoor cinema with Slava Komissarenko as headliner.

Muzeon Arts Park

Noon – 10 pm

Muzeon Arts Park will host a dance contest and the most spectacular shows of the Klyuchi festival. Jack’s Attic team members will give master classes on experimental dancing and will deliver a lecture on the origins of modern dancing styles.

Sokolniki Park

2 pm – 9 pm

Sokolniki Park will host a huge music festival with Dezery, Cruel Tie, Glintshake, Ocean Jet and Brazzaville bands. Visitors will also see DJ sets of popular radio station hosts.

The Mainstream in 3D art project will be installed in the park: the headliners’ silhouettes will be scanned in advance and printed on a 3D printer in full figure. Guests will be invited to try their hand at different musical instruments under the guidance of professional musicians.

The Hermitage Garden

1 pm – 6 pm

The Hermitage Garden will host a poetic performance by Moscow theatre actors Yelena Makhova, Natalya Gorbas, Artyom Tsukanov and Igor Ivanov. Visitors are also invited to lectures delivered by ecologists, social entrepreneurs, designers and young start-up owners. They will tell the stories of their social projects and the original artworks they’ve created. Young participants of the event will be able to use natural materials for crafts, and active leisure lovers can attend dancing master classes and take lessons in the Eastern wellness practices of Yoga and Qigong.

The Happiness Within and Rock’n’Lora bands will perform for Hermitage visitors in the evening.

The Bauman Garden

1 pm– 7 pm

The opening of the summer season at the Bauman Garden will remind visitors of Soviet May Day rallies in the early 1920s. There will be a theatrical performance by “From the Soil: Suprematic Farmers”, poetry readings and musical performances. Composer Sergei Zagny and a Theremin player will offer an avant-garde Soviet music programme. Musician and composer Sasha Nichina and Artur Kuzmin will man the turntables.

Tagansky Park

Noon – 8 pm

Tagansky Park is hosting an adventure quest. Participants will perform challenges in all the nooks of the park and discover a lot of new things. Mirror houses, animals and fairy homes will be hidden there. The Polyn band and Sasha Vinogradova will take the stage, and there will be master classes for children. Young visitors will weave wreaths and make covers from natural materials.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

1 pm – 6 pm

Park visitors will be treated to a jazz programme prepared by young Russian female performers Olga Abdullina, Oksana Kazakova, Alyona Roxis and Nani Eva.

Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill

1 pm – 7 pm

Victory Park will be entirely devoted to youth culture. The holiday will start with a concert featuring Alexandra Belyakova, Vakhtang, participants in The Voice: Children project Ragda Khanieva and Liza Puris. Singer Basil will be the headliner. The skate area will host an extreme sports demo. Visitors can also attend cheerleading master classes.

Izmailovo Park

1 pm – 7 pm

The holiday in Izmailovo Park will be opened by a May Day march of scouts, drummers and stilt walkers with banners. Songs and themes of the Soviet era will reign on the stage the whole day. Music bands inspired by Soviet pop music and cover groups Sinatra Band, Rock’n’Lora, 2050 and Diligence will perform. The rock group Masha and the Bears will be the headliner. The exhibition area will feature antique cars, gramophones, archival posters and photos of the Soviet era, whereas in the interactive area one can take a souvenir photo, and work out in the fitness area. The day will end with a balloon release and firework show.

Kuzminki Park

1 pm – 6.30 pm

The Kuzminki Park stage will be full of magicians. The headliner of the illusionist programme will be Viktor Degeo, a semifinalist of the Surprise Me show. Visitors will see The Incredible Appearance of a Person, disappearing objects, and levitation. The musical mood is taken care of by the Bubamara Brass Band, a Balkan music orchestra. The children’s area will feature a magic accessories workshop where young visitors will be taught to make magic wands, hats and cloaks. The programme will be continued by the Ambox Alchemical Theatre, a street music performance.

Coaches of the Let’s Walk!, Wake & Run and OCR Gang will offer demo classes.

Sadovniki Park

2 pm – 6 pm

Sadovniki Park will host a festival of female vocalists called May. The event will gather gifted performers with tender yet powerful voices. Visitors will hear Anna Varfolomeyeva, Naadya, Alina Os, Julia Smiles and other bands.

For sport fans, there will be a volleyball class with the Volley Park Club, and a master class on bike maintenance.

Perovsky Park

1 pm – 7 pm

The summer season in Perovsky Park will be kicked off by Jazz Improvisations. Visitors will learn about different styles of jazz from traditional New Orleans jazz to swing and blues. Shoo Band, Alina Rostotskaya, Jazz Mobile band, Caprice string quartet and the Swing in Moscow dance school will take part in the show.

A jazz-themed set will be erected in the park’s central alley. During the day, professional dancers will offer master classes on different types of jazz dancing.

Soviet era films will be shown in Fili Park starting at midday with a film accompanist providing music. Babushkinsky Park will have a Flower Show at 1 pm where participants will display flower-shaped designer hairstyles. Vorontsovsky Park will open a story-telling and oration master class zone at 1 pm. Dancing master classes will begin at 1 pm on the central alley of Severnoye Tushino Park. Participants will be taught rockabilly, swing and boogie-woogie.

The summer season will also be opened in Lianozovo and Goncharovsky Park, Artyom Borovik Park and Sirenevy Garden.