Lev Yashin’s 3D virtual copy to appear on Manezh Square

Lev Yashin’s 3D virtual copy to appear on Manezh Square
The virtual footballer’s figure can be found via the Uznai Moskvu Foto app.

The app now has a new 3D character, a virtual copy figure of footballer Lev Yashin. The famous Moscow Dinamo Club goalkeeper dons a black sports uniform, and is holding a football in his hands. Using their smart phones, users can find the virtual figure and take a selfie with it. The 3D footballer will be “waiting” on Manezh Square next to the clock counting down to the 2018 World Cup kickoff.

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies press service said the football celebrity has been added to the Uznai Moskvu Foto app characters ahead of the international football events due in Moscow, the FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup.

“The Uznai Moskvu Foto app works in the same way as Pokemon Go,” said Sergei Shakryl, the app project leader. “In order to take a selfie with the copy figure, one has to first of all ‘catch’ it, using a special compass in the app menu. The virtual figure will appear on the gadget’s screen when the user is within 50 m of the character. Once it has been caught, one can rotate the image 360 degrees, zoom in and out, and take selfies.”

The IT department also said there would be two 3D figures of the football player.  The first one stands with a football in his hand, while the other touches his “lucky” black cap that he always wore on the pitch.

Well-known goalkeeper Lev Yashin   was impersonated by an actor who looks very similar to him. For this purpose, the actor was made up and dressed in a black goalkeeper’s uniform. Then his figure was scanned with a handheld scanner, the 3D model was edited on the computer and uploaded in the app.

Lev Yashin was born in Moscow on 22 October 1929. In 1963, he was declared Europe’s best footballer. The goalkeeper always wore a black uniform and his “lucky” black cap on the pitch. For his love of the colour black and his unbelievable speed, he was nicknamed Black Spider. In Moscow, there are two monuments dedicated to him. One is near the Dinamo stadium and the other in Luzhniki. A street in southeastern Moscow has been named after him too. Lev Yashin is buried in the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

The Uznai Moskvu Foto app was launched in October 2015. It can be downloaded from App Store. In Google Play, its updated version will be available in late May.

The app and virtual copy figures are designed to encourage young people in the city to become interested in history and culture, and to promote the pages of the main project, Uznai Moskvu, which already contains descriptions of over 1,300 buildings, 128 monuments, 57 museums, and 166 territories and information about 206 historic figures both in Russian and English. The website and the mobile app offer about 60 themed routes in the city and 25 quests.

Apart from Lev Yashin, the app features another nine virtual figures, such as Viktor Tsoi, Yury Gagarin, Alexander Pushkin, Peter Tchaikovsky, Mikhail Lomonosov, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Napoleon, and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.