Moscow Zoo to open at 7.30 am starting 1 May

Moscow Zoo to open at 7.30 am starting 1 May
The earliest visitors who buy tickets before 8.30 am will get a 40-percent discount.

The Moscow Department of Culture and the Moscow Zoo have partnered to kick off an initiative, Cheer Up Your Morning. From 1 May through 31 August the zoo will open 90 minutes earlier, that is, at 7.30 am. Those who wish to watch animals early in the morning can receive a 40-percent discount. From 7.30 am until 8.30 am a ticket will cost 300 roubles instead of the standard 500 roubles.    

“We expect the Cheer Up Your Morning initiative at the Moscow Zoo to stir up interest from the public, because animals are particularly active early in the morning,” the zoo’s press service staffer said. “After waking up, they normally leave their holes. As they wait for food, they wash themselves, communicate and play with one another.”

The early morning allows visitors to the zoo to watch animals which normally hide or sleep in the daytime, such as Manul cats, wolves, Far Eastern leopards, lynxes and pumas.

According to the press service, the public will be allowed into the zoo’s open area starting at 7.30 am, while the pavilions will be open as usual from 9 am until 8 pm. Discounted tickets will only be available at the zoo’s ticket offices, beginning at 7.30 am. A coffee shop at the entrance will also open early to serve the first visitors.

Early in the morning, animals can also be watched online. Virtual visitors can see live meerkats, gorillas, a blue-eyed tigress and other animals on the zoo’s website, thanks to the CCTV cameras installed in their open-air cages.