Exhibition hall and information centre to open at VDNKh Hydrometeorology pavilion

Exhibition hall and information centre to open at VDNKh Hydrometeorology pavilion
The first exhibition there will focus on Russian modern fine art.

Pavilion 16, Hydrometeorology, is opening at VDNKh exhibition centre after major renovation work. Once known for its unique exhibits and later occupied by traders, the pavilion will open its doors again for art lovers on 28 April. The first exhibition at the venue is “Takeoff. A Prognosis Exhibition.” The project is bringing  together 40 works by young Russian painters.

Also, an information centre will open at the pavilion. Conveniently located for visitors entering from Khovansky Vyezd, the centre will provide services between 11 am and 9 pm. This will be the second information centre at VDNKh. The first centre opened in Central Alley last year. Visitors can request current information about the exhibition centre, buy souvenirs, maps and guide books, and even charge up their mobile devices.

Hydrometeorology Pavilion was built in 1954 and was called Hydrometeoservice until 1966. The pavilion attracted the public with its impressive hexagonal tower with carved decorations, on a massive pedestal. The composition was completed by a tall lamp with a spire and an anemometer.

Back in Soviet times, Pavilion 16 was the home to a unique museum about the work of meteorologists. Visitors could learn about weather forecasting and how atmospheric phenomena affected agriculture. There was also an information machine. For five kopeks, the machine would produce an up-to-date weather forecast.

In the early 1990s, the pavilion was turned into a trading  area. Shops were open up until 2014 when work began to restore it back to how it had once looked.

During the repair work, the pavilion’s foundation was reinforced and the roof was fully redone. A new lamp with a spire was built based on drawings from the archives. The tower’s glazing and stained glass windows on the ground floor were fully replaced. The granite stairs to the first floor were recreated. The pavilion was equipped with a new ventilation system, as well as under floor heating. The walls, the floor and the ceiling of the exhibition rooms were painted a neutral colour. Modern sound and video equipment and CCTV cameras were installed.

Now, thanks to the translucent structures, there is much more natural light coming into the exhibition hall.