Street named after Vera Voloshina to appear in Moscow

Street named after Vera Voloshina to appear in Moscow
The street will honour the memory of a Hero of Russia and a Great Patriotic War partisan.

A street in northern Moscow will be named after hero of the Great Patriotic War Vera Voloshina. The proposal was approved by the city interdepartmental names commission led by Deputy Mayor Leonid Pecahtnikov.

The street name will replace Planned Street No. 6084 in the Khoroshovsky District. Many places bear the names of Great Patriotic War heroes and commanders in this area. The new street will be named after Vera Voloshina (1918-1941), a partisan, who fought together with Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya near Moscow.

Vera’s life ended tragically: she was killed in the village of Golovkovo outside Moscow. Her heroic deed remained unknown for a long time.

The story of Vera Voloshina reached public attention in 1957 after research by writer and journalist Georgy Frolov. The young woman was awarded the title of Hero in 1994, 53 years after her death. Thus, she was a Hero of Russia, but not a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Legend has it that in 1934 Vera was one of the models for the famous statue, Girl with an Oar, by sculptor Ivan Shadr, but there is no direct evidence to that effect.