First flowering plants burst into bloom in central Moscow

First flowering plants burst into bloom in central Moscow
Crocuses, sage and other bulbous plants were planted last year.

The first flowers are beginning to bloom in central Moscow. Among them are flowers that were planted last year on Novinsky Boulevard: daffodils and sage were the first to blossom, followed by crocuses and other bulbous plants.

On 10 April, the traditional Pervotsvet (“first flower” or “cowslip”) campaign was launched to prevent the illegal harvest, import and trade of plants listed in the Red Data Book. Inspections will be held until 28 April at outdoor markets, railway stations and other facilities. Violators will face administrative charges.

From June to late autumn Moscow will be adorned by annual and perennial plants. Flowers are planted not only in parks and public gardens, boulevards and streets, but also on radial roads and entrances to the city. In the summer, in bloom will be whiteweed, alyssum, jewelweed, Begonia gracilis, petunias, Surfinia petunias, dahlias, marigolds, phloxes, coleuses, cineraria and sage.

Moscow traditionally had flowerbeds with annual plants. They are colourful and attractive, but had to be replaced twice a year. The city has adopted a new approach to focus on perennial flowers. They do not have to be replaced that often and they allow for designing flowerbeds in one style. It is also cheaper, because there is no need to purchase mulch to cover the flowerbeds.